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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another Art Journal.

I've wanted to keep an art journal forever, and never succeeded until now! Started my first last month, and last week I've started this one, too! Isn't it funny? When it's the right time for an idea to materialize, nothing can stop it from being expressed.
Found this book of love poetry last year at the flea market. It's so pretty with the little cupids on the cover and inside, that I couldn't pass it by...

The other day, I saw it on my bookshelves and felt the urge to turn it into an art journal... to spill my heart out onto these pages, and fill them with my thoughts, feelings, little daily struggles and many blessings... 

I find it the best way I have at the moment to express my inner feelings and ideas that I need to make "tangible" to better understand. I'm finding my way through life and my artistic career this way... I really cannot believe how liberating  it is, and that it's the first time ever I keep one in my 20+ years of artistic life! It's a powerful spiritual tool that I'd recommend to anyone! You cannot do wrong in your art journal, it's not meant to be shared, you can keep it for yourself only- or share just what you feel comfortable to. 
... So why not?

WIP. I found freedom once again in my work...

Do you keep an art journal? A daily diary? A dream journal? What do you record on it?
Monica x

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