Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Creative Christmas #3: Glittery Felted Acorns.

Just another idea for your decorations... glittery felted acorns!
What about a tree all decked with these pretties? Or a mix of felted acorns and yarn baubles and tiny white lights? Or felted acorns, yarn baubles, pinecones and natural elements? The possibilities are endless!

You have to make felted acorns following my free tutorial.  Then spray with glue, attach Christmas inspired text and then sparkle with clear glitter. You can put glitter also on the cap, if you wish. Or do a mix of different types to add interest to your tree.
Make a teeny tiny hole into a real acorn cap with the help of a metal skewer, and make a loop with sewing thread. Attach inside with adhesive tape, and then with a dab of hot glue to the felted acorn.

... VoilĂ !

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