Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Creative Christmas #4: Guest Posting at Design Dazzle!

Hello dear friends and readers, I'm happy to be part of 100 Ideas of Christmas Wonderful at Design Dazzle once again! In my guest post, you'll find step- by- step instructions on how to make these glittery yarn ornaments I created especially for our tree.
... See you there!

Monica x


  1. Thank you..I love words on things:-)
    And that photo of you with Kim is adorable.
    Lovely giveaway you have ..very sweet.

  2. Das sind ganz bezaubernde Weihnachtskugeln!
    Hab einen netten Abend
    Liebe Rosaliegrüße

  3. Those are so pretty! I also thought it would be fun to join your blog and be your 1000th follower:)

    Have a blessed evening!

  4. They are beautiful


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