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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inspiration Behind a Photograph.

I thought I'd share here on my blog, every once in a while, the inspiration behind my work.

I am a passionate collector of memories, a beauty seeker... my aim as a photographer, is to be a story teller- let other eyes see what my own eyes see, other ears hear what I do hear whispering in my soul.
Old, worn objects have memories attached, definitely a story to tell. It's my hope to allow them speak by themselves through my lens.

This old bike belonged to my Grandfather.
Taking these shots brought deep joy to me, made my little heart rejoyce.

I remember riding this bike in the wind with my Nonno, when I was little and used to spend summers by the sea with my grandparents. Such lighthearted, happy days! It's incredible how vivid those moments are in my mind, even if many moons have passed since then.

It has such warm, sweet memories attached!

These shots are part of a larger collection I have recently released for licensing.
Monica x

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