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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Vintage Portable Inspiration Station!

I have shared my passion for magazine clippings and Inspiration Journals on my craft blog before... and it's something that helps me tremendously when a migraine attack or sickness due to neckpain starts.
As it has become an usual practice for me, I have finally decided to keep a dedicated place for all of my clippings, which as you know if you keep a journal of this type, are not easy to store away.
I happened to bump into a nice shop on Etsy (... love you, Etsy!!) where I found this blue train case. And the awesome shop owner, Christina, agreed to ship it to me overseas! Now, could I ever resist? It's vintage, of the right dimension to store just about anything (I should add it's bigger than any other vintage train case I have ever found/seen, which is a bonus), and it's blue
As I did in the past with my vintage portable studio, I created my Portable Inspiration Station out of it!

I love using old suitcases, trunks and train cases as storage! I think they add such personality and prettyness to the environment I live in.

I keep scissors, paper glue, a pencil and some composition books in there, carefully wrapped in kraft paper and labeled with washi tape (so no matter how ugly their covers are!)...

I have just collaged the clippings on the pages, but I'm going to add notes and observations.
 ... plus all of the clippings and the magazines I am currently cutting. I can bring it wherever I go, all perfectly ordered and with style!

Do you keep inspiration journals the old fashioned way?
Monica x

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