One Year in Licensing!

This month, I celebrate one year in licensing!

Wow it has been quite a busy year (non only job wise, but that's another story!).
I am proud of myself, of the moments in which I had fears and those in which I have bravely overcome them; of how I managed to cope with the times when migraines and exhaustion didn't allow me to do what I had to, but in the end I did it all; of how I listened to my heart (... painting what you want to paint or what clients ask you to? Such an amletic question! While I'm almost always pleased to oblige, as I like to challenge myself, when your heart is rebeling, you definitely have to say a loud no!).
I am happy that my learning curve has soared this year... in this job, there are a considerable number of things to know, and having your own creative biz you have to wear several hats, so to speak.
Really love this growing time!
Now off to celebrate over tea and cake, will you join me?
Monica x