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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tidying Up and Organizing.

Among the simple things that make me very happy, there are boxes of colored pastels and crayons.
I have always loved the "rainbow perfection" of the original boxes, but as of late, I have realized that's very impractical is to use them that way! I mean, when you're itching to paint and create, who has the patience and time to keep pastels and crayons in perfect chromatic order? 
Moreover, you need lots of space to accomodate several boxes...

So I took a deep breath, and bravely tipped out all of my pastels and crayons in wooden boxes! Not ordinary boxes though- these vintage ones belonged to my Grandfather, who was a painter. He used to keep all of his art supplies in there, so they show signs of use. In one of them, I also found a note handwritten by my Nonna, with the names of all of the colors my Nonno originally stored in the box. How precious!

I now look at my pastels in a totally different way- not a tidy, boring-at- times perfection, but a casual symphony, that makes my heart dance! 

Now it's time to let them dance onto canvas...
Monica x

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