Monday, November 5, 2012

What I'm Loving right now...


I've always been very free in my work as an artist, but lately, who knows why, I had started to become kind of "rigid"- I'm happy to report that I've found my freedom once again! I feel I'm in my element, I'm gaining artistic momentum.


You may remember them from this post.


Are you in the clan of the ruby- slippers- lovers, too?? ;) I can still vividly remember the first time I owned a pair of red shoes. Such a thrill, I beamed of joy for days! Mind you, it was only a decade ago... why didn't I buy a pair earlier??


I keep you posted about it on my main blog. It's definitely helping me an awful lot through this time of my life, and greatly influencing my mood.


We're living a difficult time with our sweet Kim, but hey, life is wonderful, all is going to be all right.
Since this moment,  our life has changed, she needs medicines and constant care and attention, and I have to help her walking (she has already fallen several times due to weakness and medicines). We miss for sure our walks in the woods and park, but I pray this is just for now and we are back to them in no time. She so misses to sniff the neighborhood! Hubby and I, after lots of web surfing, finally found a gorgeous orthopedic bed for her. Can't wait for it to arrive as it has become impossible for my cootie patootie to sleep on a normal bed. Will show you once it's here.


Making and creating, my heart feels at ease.


Isn't it gorgeous? It belonged to his brother, my favorite uncle, who's a Franciscan friar and has served all around the world. This camera, for sure has stories to tell!


... Are you bitten by the bug, too?? ;)


LOVE alphabet stamps, especially the vintage ones! Found this extensive, complete set on Etsy- too good to be true! You can find me stamping everything as of late... well, I spare my hubby and the doggie! ;)
Hope your week started off nicely!
Monica x