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Thursday, November 1, 2012


I painted this piece back in May... during a difficult period when I was struggling with big decisions, a monumental move, a new artistic path with responsibilities (have you, licensing artists out there, ever had this feeling? About what we bring into the world?), lots of mixed thoughts swirling in my mind, worries and anxiety that (even if steadfastly opposing positive thinking) I was barely able to control.

During such tough times, I have learnt along the way I must listen to the inner whispers... and if I sit down at my worktable knee deep in glue, paint and pastels, I usually am able to bring them to light, into the open. Maybe because I'm an introvert, I often have difficulties at verbally expressing and externating. Mixed media art allows me to express freely into a tangible form, hence to face, every feeling, thought, issue or problem I may have...

That's how this piece on canvas (and other two pieces to go with it) was born. Actually they were meant to stay in our home only- born in a challenging time from my most private thoughts, aspirations, heart beats, it looked a bit scary to put them out there for everyone to see. They have been created to stay secure among our walls... but then, I realized art is meant to heal, and as it heals me and my husband, it can heal as well other souls in dire need of inspiration. So I eventually decided to share them through my blog, and through licensing. I consider this a little treat I offer to the world.

"Where. are. you. going?"- for all of us to remember to not miss the sense of where we are going and why, to always follow our hearts,  follow our True North,  follow our dreams, our deepest aspirations, without expectations, without worries, without compromise, without fears. Just flapping our wings and dancing in the air.

And eventually, the direction to follow will unfold in front of us, if we simply listen to the inner voice. It always tells the truth, whether we want it or not, and it always guides us to Abundance.

Here I am, on my own path. If you're reading this, oh, it's such a pleasure to have you over! Thanks for coming along with me and sharing my journey.
Monica x

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