Monday, December 17, 2012

Creative Christmas #10: A Holiday Exchange.

"... What's meaningful, are not the gifts we exchange, but the reason why we exchange them."
Excerpts from "The Gift of Friendship: A Holiday Exchange", by Monica Sabolla Gruppo, Somerset Life, Autumn 2012

"Thinking of how busy everyone is during this festive time of year and how stressful it may become when we are caught up in it all, I started asking my girlfriends to just exchange a card for Christmas. Not just any card though- a beautiful, meaningful card filled with words from the heart."

"Not to deprive ourselves from the pleasure of gift-giving, I suggested we also add an ornament; having it displayed on the tree would always remind us of our mutual affection and friendship."

"With these humble presents, my girlfriends and I are definitely exchanging the most precious gift of all, and building up warm memories to shine on our Christmas tree for many years to come".

Find the complete article in this magazine.
Monica x