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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The very first time I wrote an article about my life as an artist and an art-related topic, was last year for Somerset Studio. And I couldn't be more thrilled! I have had the honor and pleasure of having many of my creations in several of the Stampington magazines (... hey there Stampington ladies! Thank. you.), but you know, being the "With One Palette" feature in Somerset Studio and speaking about art, surely has to be celebrated.

This has been a huge step in my artistic journey, and mind you, not only because of the magazine feature. Being able to "speak" to many kindred souls about my love affair with colors, on such an important magazine in the industry, well, was just surreal. Because I've waited so long to embrace this career and life I was meant for, and tears of joy keep rolling when I think I finally did. Because I really really love what I do, and I put my soul into it. Because seeing this article, it looked like all the hard work, pain, sweat, tears of many years trying to figure out what I had to do to answer my "calling", seemed to disappear in a single second, and I was there, with an open heart and eyes full of wonder, ready for the next steps of my journey.

Should you fancy, you can read the intro of my article below- I scanned it for you, it's small yet readable.

"As it usually happens with all of my mixed- media paintings, I try to paint a feeling, an idea, or a positive affirmation that popped in my head that will become, again and again, food for thought and a tool for healing and inspiration for myself and other people as well. That's the power of color and art!".
Monica Sabolla Gruppo.
Monica x


  1. Your work is lovely..I am glad you are being recognized:)

    Your mom must be so proud too:)

  2. Good things to those who never give up, and you, my sweet friend,have worked hard. Enjoy every second.


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