Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cotton Sachets for Valentine's Day.

I've already shown these sachets but the pics are new :) More can be seen  here.
I thought I'd share them again for my new followers (by the way, helloo! Nice to see you here!) and just in case you missed them!

They are cheap, fun and quick to make, and have many uses.
I make these with different "themes" and use to wrap gifts or food to give, plants too, to store papers, journals, even shoes and bits and bobs in my suitcase when I travel! In this case, I don't handstamp onto cotton, so they are washable (I have experimented with mine and found out the handstamped ones are washable only with cold water, no soap, no soaking- but I recommend to always test the behavior of your inks before washing the finished piece!!).

... Ready to be filled with pretties and sweetness!

On a side note- for those who missed it, I remind you can always find me blogging about my life, happenings, my work, news, recipes, artists insights and all in between on my other blog, Life is a Painting.
Have a good rest of the week!
Monica x