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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do What is Calling You.

I really believe in the importance of sharing inspiration... so I usually give meaningful gifts.
I have already shown a sneak peek of this canvas, but hadn't mentioned it was a gift for my husband.

I'm not the only one in our little family to fill my pockets with lots of dreams... but somehow it looks like he never really worked on them, because you know how it goes. Being the breadwinner is exhausting for your heart and soul most of the times. But if not now, then when? I'm pretty sure many of you, too, were struck by this quote by Sarah Ban Breathnach. 
Hence, with her advice in mind,  I painted this little reminder for my husband...

... so he can remember each day to listen to the inner whispers; to that private, inner calling he has tucked away in his heart...

... to follow his heart...

Little messages are hidden here and there.

Vintage, flocked wallpaper helped adding texture.

While I was painting, I noticed that the ledger paper I had used to collage the background, showed the same date of that very day. It was Wednesday, October 31st, 2012. And the ledger read Wednesday, October 31, 1888. I so love when this happens.

On the edge of the canvas, I wrote the Do What You Love declaration.

And you? Have you ever thought of that? If you don't do what is really and deeply calling you now, then when?? (Quoting Sarah Ban Breathnach here :))
Monica x

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