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Friday, January 18, 2013

Inside my Handmade Organizer.

I am in love with my handmade organizer/planner. It's perfect for my needs, and adds beauty to my days!
I made this in 2009, as I couldn't find anything I liked in the stores (I always end up using only a small part of the store bought planners/ agendas, and find they're tremendously lacking in note/ideas/blank pages). What I really like of this organizer/planner is that it is perpetual- you have to just change the calendar, and you can keep it forever! The slipcover is washable too, which is a bonus for sure.
The inside of the original one needed to be improved and prettified, but I had never found the time to- until last week! 

I have had this vision since I made it... at that time, though, I had just started to paint affirmation girls and inspirational mixed media pieces, and I couldn't find the right ones to use. Now I have plenty of them ;)
I kept the dividers of the old planner, except this first one that is actually a normal cardboard piece cut to measure. I printed some of my paintings, and cut them to perfectly fit the binder. The first painting I see when I open my planner in the morning reads "FLY, the wind will be with you". Such a gorgeous start to my day, uh?

I have my planner divided into sections.

The rear of each cardboard is covered in vintage wallpaper. I used fabric tape to cover the ugly plastic tags that came with the original dividers.
I used normal paper glue (Coccoina) to glue the pieces together, and I let them dry overnight weighted down (in case you're wondering yes! I was itching to see the whole thing finished, but I patiently waited until the next morning, so the dividers were perfectly dry and flat!).

I chose meaningful paintings for the different sections:
"Spread your wings" for projects...

"Follow your dreams" for the most intimate section of my planner, where I actually jot down ideas for very big projects and dreams that dwell in my heart.

"Quiet your mind" (not shown) for things I have to do... and "Blessed" for my list of daily blessings, that will eventually find their way to my Gratitude Journals.

"You're meant to fly" as gentle reminder to myself.
I'm thinking of adding one more for the address section, with an appropriate inspirational message/painting about friendship.

I definitely don't need an agenda, a simple (complimentary) calendar is enough for me. Cut it to fit, and handstamped the months on it.

I have included different types of sheets for different uses- blank, ruled and squared.

Of course I keep here some comforting pictures dear to my heart and a few cards from my dearest friends.

Also, mini Post- its...

... and a small assortment of business cards and adhesive tags, and a pencil.

Now I hope it won't take me 3 years to make a changeable slipcover for the summer months! :)
Monica x


  1. So beautiful! Thanks for showing us your work. Di

  2. Stunning..the best part is all your art is in it..what a treasure..
    For a few yrs at work I had one that you only replaced the interior..I like it..but it was truly not Bella:)

  3. Your journal is a piece of art in itself. Just beautiful.

  4. This is such an inspiration. I want to make me one. Like you I can never find what I want in the store. I sadly have some I've never used. :(

  5. Love it! How personal you have made your planner. Would it not be nice if this turned into a licensed product the rest of us could enjoy right along with you? Just sayin'


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