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Monday, January 21, 2013

Make your own Mixed Media Valentines.

Consider making handmade Valentines this year! Your Sweetheart and girlfriends will be thrilled to receive something unusual!
This one below is very simple to make... I made it last year especially for my own Valentine, but I know he doesn't mind if I give you the instructions to make your own.
If you keep similar colors in your batch, it'll be quicker, and you'll end up with several pretties to surprise your loved ones with, even if you don't have plenty of time to spend in the craft room (or on the kitchen table :))!

Here are the simple instructions to make it.
1. Tear an old book page (or ledger, sheet music, old love letter etc.).
2. Glue it onto a small canvas with vynil glue. Let it dry overnight, weighted down, or carefully dry with the hairdryer to speed up the process.
3. Cut out a heart shape from batting. With the sewing machine (or by hand), and using red thread, sew decorative stitches all around.
4. Sew a scrap of burlap or jute, a felt heart (find these in craft stores) and a button in the centre of the heart. Leave loose long ends, to draw interest.
5. Glue the heart down onto the canvas with hot glue. 
6. You may want to add text cut out from an old book. 
7. With the help of a hammer and a nail, practice two tiny holes at the top of the canvas (put a piece of wood underneath!!). Using pliers, insert a rusty wire handle.
8. Let your Valentine be messenger of your love and friendship by writing a sweet message on the back. Handwritten notes from the heart are always greatly appreciated.

You can add a little sachet filled with chocolates. I made one with a piece of net (muslin or burlap work well too), just folded in half and machine stitched all around. Leave the top open to be filled with chocolates in matching colors.
Monica x


  1. wonderful idea, they look lovely!

  2. hi Monica,

    What a nice valentine gift you have there, thank you for you tutorial how to make it!!

    Hugs Sharon

  3. this is so sweet. i just love it! as always..."merci" for sharing and inspiring....;)

  4. That would be a sweet little gift to give or receive, Monica.

  5. Great idea! A sweet and nice heart on a "serious" list!
    I'm crocheting an heart for Valentine's Day ... acqua in bocca:)It will be a surprise!

  6. So pretty, love it.

  7. So very lovely, simple and beautiful, dear Monica.

  8. So pretty and sweet! Thank you for the tutorial.

  9. that looks so very nice -- and unique. What better than something made by hand and heart.


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