OMG! Cover Artist!

... Now bring out the smelling salts and pinch me!!

OMG. I couldn't believe that when I saw my art on the cover of The Country Register (MN edition, January/February 2013)! Oh boy. My snowmen (big smile here).

And even inside! Oh my.

Now, after all of the oohing and aahing, OMGs and such, I'm supposed to write something with a certain sense about this! LOL But... I do feel so honored, grateful and overwhelmed that I have no words!
And have you noticed that I'm side by side with Susan Branch? My heart skipped more than one beat when I saw that. I adore Susan, she's one of my mentors, I even have her picture (together with Marjolein's and Mary's) in my Illustrated Discovery Journal! Years ago, she made me discover I really, really wanted to become a professional artist and illustrator! The fun thing is that the very night before I even knew about this magazine feature, I grabbed all of my courage and wrote her, about how she had inspired me to find my way. I just love, love this syncronicity. Don't you?
As you may easily understand, I have no more words. Let me lose myself in this moment of tender awareness, sweet joy and deep thankfulness.
Monica x