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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Valentine's Clay Tags.

"Blessed is the season that engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love".
Hamilton Wright Mabie

My friends and readers know that I love Valentine's Day (and I collect vintage Valentines!).
Quoting my article in the current issue of Somerset Holidays and Celebrations, " ... Most of all, I like the idea of a season that engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love"! That's why I always love creating for Valentine's Day.
This year unfortunately, my job and life are very demanding- so I simply made some clay heart tags to add to little sachets I'll fill with chocolates. Of course, you can use these to wrap you cadeaux or add to a bunch of flowers. Whatever you'll do with them, it's sure to be loved :)
These tags make great handmade ornaments for a Valentines tree too!

To make the red ones, you can have a look at my free tutorial. Cut heart shapes instead of circles, and stamp a real doily on the front. Then let air dry and paint with red acrylic paint. Let dry again. Voilà!

I handsculpted a heart shape from clay for the one below, and inserted a tiny piece of rusty wire to make a loop. Then let dry. Then painted it pink, let dry again, and glued down some text on it with vynil glue.

"Heart swollen with love",  in italian :)

 This one is cut out from clay with cookie cutters in two different sizes. As simple as that!

You can add a batch of these too.
Have a terrific weekend everyone!
Monica x


  1. Love making tags:) I even like looking at them..Love the reds Monica.cute cute.

  2. Monica you are so inspiring and talented.
    Hugs to you,

  3. YOu make it look so easy

  4. Awww..... love love love!!!!

  5. These clay tags are really nice! Such a lovely idea! Hugs xo

  6. So sweet, Monica!
    Love how you used the doily on the red ones.

  7. Just "handmade with Love"!
    The power of Love "Una piuma può tornire una pietra,se la muove la mano dell'amore".Emily Dickinson "A feather can throw a stone,if it(the feather)is moved by the hand of love".
    Help me:)for the translation!
    A big hug

  8. Love them. I made lots of air dry clay ornaments for christmas, but sadly most cracked and broke before i could give them. They were thick enough, but just so fragile, just wrapped to give broke them.... Hope your painting is going well. Hugs, catherine xx

    1. Try DAS, and you'll never break your ornaments anymore! :)


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