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Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Note to the Universe.

Note:  Please consider this post as a gift from me to you- I took all of these shots in our old garden, I planted and gardened with much love for 6 years. It was ugly, desertic, abandoned and in dire need of love and attention, but in the end it had become my own "secret garden". It made me grow and bloom in both my personal and professional life.
Never made the majority of these shots public before, and I hope they'll now bring you deep joy as they have brought me in the last two years, helping me through difficult moments.
Dear Universe, now I really miss...
...the joy of having a garden...

... dotted with simple beauties.

The thrill of discovering the first Spring flowers right at my doorstep, after the cold winter...

... and the anticipation of seeing the buds opening to then become juicy fruits.

 I miss feeling the connection to the sacred Earth while working with dirty hands and muddy wellies and pants, and the silent prayer and meditation while carefully and lovingly taking care of Your plants.

The simple pleasures of walking barefoot on the lawn...

... relaxing and journaling out of time and space...

... hanging quilts to dry on a branch...

... and having tea on them afterwards.

The amazing delight of growing my own flowers and cutting them...

... filling baskets with petals, colors and wonder.

Harvesting lavender that will end up in my homemade soap or sachets...

... and arranging homegrown flowers to spread cheer everywhere around our home and among our friends.

Collecting Hostas...

... Hydrangeas...

... and Clematis.

The vegetable garden, to where you know I love to go with a fast-beating heart first thing in the summer mornings...

... to be surprised with every single fruit and bud and delighted with an abundant harvest.

The pleasure of having my own fruit trees...

... that present lots and lots of yumminess...

... that eventually will last for months and bring happiness to our table.

The cutting garden...

... the rose garden...

... the Hemerocallis...

... and the gorgeous irises, that make us rejoyce and feel glad of swithcing a city life with a country one.

The splash of reds and pinks of the Azaleas bushes in full bloom...

... and of blues and pinks of the Hydrangeas I love.

The outstanding beauty of the peonies, I stop staring at for endless minutes during my day.

Colorful borders...

... and a shower of roses.

Old fashioned, fragrant and romantic English roses...

... and a pretty shed.

The beds full of colors, that makes me cry of pain in my hands and back while planting them and of delight soon afterwards...

The endless, exciting discoveries for a former city-dweller...

... and the wonders of Nature and the Creation right at home.

I am ready, dear Universe. I really, really am!
... Of course, you already knew that!
With love,
Monica x


  1. A beautiful post, Monica. Each photo is gorgeous. I'm dreaming of spring-I cannot wait to begin my garden. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day!

  2. What a beautiful post.
    I share the same feeling.
    With these gorseous photos, spring and summer are close by.

  3. Your post truly is a gift. Beautiful pictures making me long for spring! Thank you so much!


  4. Thank you,Monica!A wonderful Garden!
    My garden is my life: I know its every corner. There are two firs (fifty-yers-old) (abeti di Natali lontani ormai) by then a little thick,but two good giants,for me.
    A big hug

  5. It is a beautiful post..in more ways
    than one..
    I get tears sometimes when I look at old photos..of the past..remembering so many things..
    It's always moving to me..
    I love my humble gardens and enjoy the awakening of Spring too..what came back..what struggled..what survived..The serviceberry..the tulips I plant the cold fall before..I see 5 ft of snow and know they are well..
    But I also know that sooner than later..I won't have a garden..and hope I am as gracious as you are.
    You find beauty everywhere..I will too.

  6. Thank you for this gorgeous post Monica ♥ The way you described tending to the garden is exactly my sentiments & what I miss the most about not being able to garden anymore. I love the photos of precious Kim xo

  7. You have a beautiful spirit, Monica! It shows in everything you do. Kim looks down on you with her steadfast love, always! xo

  8. Oh my goodness, these are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing these with us.

  9. Wow! Beautiful post and photos!

  10. How very, very beautiful, Monica. Your photography and gardening skills are both well honed. LOVE this post- xo Diana

  11. Beautiful ! Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  12. Wow...so much beauty to behold...and you captured it so well, Monica. Simply. Stunning.

    I will be growing a few veggies, putting out a bird feeder again , and planting a big pot of herbs. That's one thing we can do no matter where we live,as long as we have a window that gets good sun. I adore fresh herbs and cannot wait to start snipping them for our meals.

    Each time I see Kim, my heart melts. I was thanking God just this morning for the blessing of my little Penelope...what a treasure these amazing animals are. So thankful we each have had such wonderful friends in our pets.

    Hugs to you, sweet friend.
    I am pretty sick right now, and you sooo brightened my day.

  13. Hermosa entrada, muy bellas imágenes!! Un abrazo grande.

  14. Thank you so much for share this wonderful post and stunning images of your secret garden =)

  15. Dear Monica,
    these are such beautiful photoes from your garden, showing many hours of work, and happy time spend there.
    What a huge amount of wonderful coloured flowers you have grown,-and fruit too, I see green figs, too- and have to tell you, that I have a wonderful fig tree here,too. Every autumn we eat wonderful mature figs from the tree, a few every day for some weeks, and I love them.
    If I understand right, you don`t live with this garden around you any more, and I dearly hope for you, that your new surroundings will offer you the joy of new experiences of growing flowers and fruit.

  16. Such a lovely place you created, Monica. I hope that soon you will once again have a yard in which to play with flowers, to walk barefoot in, and to have picnics on the grass.

  17. This is such a life-filled post, full of beauty. I don't know your circumstances, Monica, but hope that you will have a garden again one day.


  18. I miss all those things too! Kindred Spirits!

  19. Your photos are just amazing--and make me yearn for spring even more!

  20. Every photo made me sigh Monica! I feel the same feelings.
    hugs from here...

  21. I can see your garden has brought you much joy, it's hard to believe it was so unloved to begin with. I am feeling a little ashamed for having ignored my garden all winter! your basket for collecting the fruits of your garden is beautiful. Of course i don't know the story but am sorry to hear this is a garden no longer with you. I'm sure other good things have come in it's place though....have a good weekend, Heather x

  22. Thanks for sharing these photos. They are gorgeous. Makes me wish I had a green thumb. I should start with one plant and see how I do. Gardening runs in the my family, my dad adores it, but I just can't find the passion for it. But I am sure glad you shared yours.

  23. Oooo what a delightfully delicious site you have! I can tell you are quite a romantic .. so needed in this fast paced world we live ~ thank you for sharing your lovely spot in the universe ♦♦♦

  24. Thank you Monica, I hope to be a bit more active in the blogging world again!

  25. Wow!!!! Each photo is more beautiful than the last! I don't know which is my favorite! So good to see sweet Kim in so many of them. We signed on our new house today & the yard is pitiful! There's so much to do that the yard is certainly not #1 priority. Enjoy the bounty! Hugs!

  26. Das sind so traumhafte Bilder. Wenn es nur schon wieder soweit wäre. Hier ist alles tief verschneit.
    Hab ein liebliches Wochenende
    Liebe Rosaliegrüße

  27. So lovely. I hope who has it now knows what a treasure they have. Love the pictures with Kim. I see your zinnias and remember your kind gift tome. I treasure your friendship you know.

  28. Monica,
    That was the most beautiful walk through your garden. I really enjoyed it and my heart really needed it. The abundance of love that grows there is true comfort. You can feel yourself getting wrapped up in it with every picture. I have big aspirations now for my desert dwelling. Just picked up a magazine on Flea Market gardens. I hope I am as successful at it as you were with yours. Have a Blessed Day.


  29. Oh my gosh, Monica...You have so many comments here, you may not see mine, but this was beautiful...and your precious pup...

    It amazes me how much [at least I believe] that we have in common...ooooh, I wish we were neighbors! Wouldn't that be fun?

    You brighten my day with your happy thoughts. Thank you.


  30. PS
    And it is so obvious how many hearts you touch. You are a treasure.



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