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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

At the Moment I am...


While several artists prefer to have an outdoor studio, I love to have one in the house. I love that I can cook while I work, and smell it, love that I can live my home to the fullest, observing the changing light over the different hours of the day, my orchids buds becoming bigger and bigger as the days pass by, I can make a coffee for hubby and vice versa, light up the fire, and take a ten minutes break for my back and neck every now and then just enjoying my home and what's in it.
P.S. I think I've never showed you the apron I made last year to use when I'm at work! Will do as soon as I manage to take a nice shot of it!


Both for clients and fattening my portfolio for Surtex, which will be in May. Being a licensing artist is very demanding- but I really do come alive when I paint and am creative, so I don't mind if I have to work for long hours at my worktable.


Way too often a bit too messy, but I can survive :)


I cannot believe it took me so many years to start doing this. It's liberating, messy, beautiful. And it keeps me focused on what truly is important. I have kept wonderful memories in my art journals, and I am grateful I had to get up in the middle of the night several times during the past months to help/walk my Kim, and then stayed up to keep her company and art journaled. I have captured amazing, tender moments this way. 


Hubby and I love real fires! I think a fireplace or woodburner is the first thing we look for when househunting (plus a nice spot where to place the Christmas tree, obviously!:))
A real fire for us is a warm, familiar, comforting feeling. Not a mere way to keep the cold at a bay, but a total delight for our soul and a form of "art"as well- it's not simple at all to keep a constant blaze!


I am now using red potatoes (but any type is OK), then filled with Asiago cheese and ham (and a dash of mayo if desired!). ... Mmmmm, delicious! Medium/big ones need to be cooked for about 2 hours or more on embers.


My Mom loves to present me plants... she knows I love those that bloom again and again. One of my favorites, besides orchids, is Saintpaulia. I've kept some plants alive and blooming for many years, it's such a joy every time I spot a bud!

8. TREATING me to:

Find them at the supermarket, they're affordable and last a whole week (if they're not fresh, I pass them by).

9. EXCITED for my:

Ordered from MOO. Check them out! They're adorable!
Monica x


  1. What a nice post Monica..never have seen those cute crocs:-)
    We love fires too:-)
    Love your atelier--
    Wish I had a mom:-)

  2. I too love that I am blessed to have a studio at home. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy your house and live in it. I don't think many people get to do that.

  3. Monica...you are at such a happy place in your life, it shows in this post. Many more happy days ahead of you!!


  4. I have a studio in my home too....get more done this way.
    Love your stickers

  5. Thinking of you enjoying your life makes me happy, too.


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