Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Last Craft Article.

I'm happy to share here today this lovely article published in the current issue of Green Craft Magazine.
This will be my last craft article- I recently had to make this decision due to some reasons, first of which I have only 24 hours per day and some big dreams to work on...
My work as a licensing artist and photographer is very demanding, and I have decided it's time to take at least one day off work per week. I want and need to nurture myself, enjoy my husband's company more, take care of a "normal" house, and start "moving" more. Mind you, you'll always find me creating here on my blogs and writing, but I feel the urge to dedicate myself to a more inspired type of writing (different from a mere step- by- step instructions and tips on making this and that) and share some ideas I have in my heart and mind. Let's see where this will lead me.  
Now here's what I created for Green Craft! I'm pretty sure you'll love these CD case picture frames, as I do. They are very special to my heart, as I created them with very meaningful photographs of our little family. Sorry I cannot share the tutorial on how to make these here, as for now, but you can find it in Green Craft Magazine.

Thanks Andrea for such a wonderful layout!

A few of our favorite travel memories.

Kim seeing the sea for the first time! This picture taken in France is so dear to my heart.

Added a tag to the front of the jeweled case with place and date.

Text to convey feelings and fix memories.

Me in Cape Cod, one of my favorite spots on Earth.

Beautiful from every angle.

Add a coordinated tag if you give these as gifts.

Monica x