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Friday, February 8, 2013

My Valentine's Tree.

I love Valentine's Day, and I've always wanted to make a Valentine's tree! But never did until now...

I love to surround myself with special, meaningful things, so this little bonsai tree was just perfect for my project. Several years ago, hubby and I received it as present (... mind you, with leaves and such! :))
for a special wedding anniversary from a friend who said she chose it because of the particular shape of the trunk- actually two trunks intertwined to make a single one.

Unfortunately the plant didn't thrive for long, I think it didn't have the right light/cures. But I refused to throw it away, as it had such a special meaning. I painted it white instead, and put into the original vase, which I wrapped in burlap.

Now, decorated with the clay hearts I showed here, it sits on our coffee table.

Do you make a Valentine's tree?
Monica x

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  1. See all I missed?!
    I have one too..pas comme le tien....but I see our similarities


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