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Monday, February 25, 2013

Nurture your Soul: How I Nurture Mine.

I'll tell you what I've learned along the way- some of the things I do to nurture myself: 
- I don't watch tv- since 2009 I turned that little button off and everything changed for the better! I don't mean I watch a little tv, I watch nothing at all. I have noticed that keeping a soul free from the latest catastrophes, bad-news-the-world-seems-to-nourish-with and such, keeps my heart content and makes me able to do what I have to do in this life. I very much prefer to choose joy and be an instrument of joy, rather than of fear, discomfort and sadness.

The same is for my readings.

- I fill our home with fresh flowers (or fresh twigs, herbs or and branches) always! They don't need to be from the florists or supermarket- simple fallen bare branches may be a joy for the heart and soul if arranged with love and care and a touch of creativity.

- I keep journals. An awful lot of them! Gratitude Journals, Art Journals, a Biz Gratitude Journal, a Poetry Journal, Dream Journal, Garden Journals, Daily Thoughts Journals, Project Life and variations of it (I'll tell you about them in another post). I just put some thoughts and pictures or sketches/drawings down on paper. With a date (at least, month and year! :)). They make me become conscious of my blessings, and I can assure you it's not the same to keep everything/make blessing lists in mind! :)

- I treat myself to something new very often. A new type of bread or tea, a new type of cereals, a new recipe to try, some scraps of new fabrics, different flowers from those I usually buy, a book, a package of delicious smelling envelopes or sharpened pencils, a visit to a shop or bookstore I've never visited before, a new pillow/anything I make, a different route while driving (with a dash of adventure in this case, as I have little sense of direction!).

- I take photographs every day. They make me notice even the littlest of things, and make me focus on Beauty.

- I use the prettiest things I have in my drawers and cupboards- dishes, linens, candles, soaps, clothes, etc.- and the pristine journals I've been given. I find pleasure in using that certain pretty something and not certainly in becoming a hoarder.  Each time I lit that candle, write in that book, savor the fragrance of a soap, I think of the person who gave it to me or the moment I found it. Pure delight for the soul, indeed.

- When something I buy comes in ugly packaging, when at home, I immediately change the container. I believe we should surround ourselves with beauty!

- I always cook from scratch. Cooking is in my italian genes, and there's nothing healthier and taster than the mediterranean cuisine. I avoid food that makes me feel tired, bloated and heavy.

- I use chores as meditation time.

- I wake up early in the morning and take advantage of the quiet while the rest of the world is sleeping.

I start my day with a little meditation and writing in a journal, reading something inspiring and then off I go to start my day with a waggling tail!

- I have found out which clothes/shoes make me feel comfortable, and which have the opposite effect, and I avoid them. Why should I wear what the world tells us to wear to feel pretty, and just have a grimace on my face??

- I take care of a garden or plants. I also sow seeds, water them and see them grow. And in case you're wondering, yes! I speak to my plants often :)

- I do what makes me come alive and feel comfortable, and don't care of the opinions of the others regarding what I should do instead.

- I keep my enthusiasm while speaking, and consider the natural thrill in my voice as a sign of creativity (have I ever told you that in my 20s I used to sing in a choir and was a solo soprano?)

- I make room every single day for alone time. Just me and the Spirit pervading all things. Kim was the only one allowed when she was here in flesh and fur (and still is, perhaps even more than before). I need total silence and to listen to the natural sounds around me, and if I don't make room for this time every day, I feel totally disconnected and nervous.

Monica x


  1. :)

    Very interesting..I share many of your views..However I am terrible at meditation..terrible..
    And I love Netflix 8-10 pm..no tv in the day..just my evenings w/ Jacques and great series..or movies.

  2. This is wonderful, I love what you do! thanks for sharing this. lady

  3. Thanks for sharing about what buttons you do push! So relaxing.

  4. Monica, Oh you have no idea how much joy there is for me in this post. I have checked into your blog many, many times over the last few years since I learned what blogging was. Your photos would touch me deeply, I kept coming back again and again for more inspiration. By inspiration, I don't mean "copy your idea" at all. Inspiration for me is found in everything, nature, simple beauty inside the home, whimsical gardens/sheds/exterior of homes and color all around me. I am an extra sensitive individual, I get overwhelmed with too much information from any one source. Many of the ways you nurture yourself, I also do. Photography! Just this week I spend hours in a beautiful small park very close to home photography tiny weeds in the act of becoming the the best weeds! There was such joy in finding I had in fact been able to capture the vision of beauty I saw in those tiniest aspects of nature. This week, I was reading a novel, the character was drinking licorice/mint tea. It spoke to my soul and I did locate a brand I could buy locally. So soothing first thing in the am. I drink a mug of this tea and a hand full of blueberries, that is breakfast. I found starting the day off with a lighter meal heightens my creativity. As much as I love many blogs, I do not follow them regularly anymore. What a lovely comfort, if you will to read of a woman I admire through your posts and your photography who has the courage to be exactly who she was designed to be and to state her choices so elegantly! I want to be just like you when I grew up!! However, since I am older than you already, a mom of three and grandmother of 5, I don't think I will ever truly grow up. I never want to loose the sense of wonder and beauty that is so part of my every day life. Blessings to you and yours.

  5. This is a lovely post Monica. I especially like the idea of using all the lovely things you have. I have noticed I'm reaching for the same things all the time, especially with clothes! there is some lovely ideas here....Heather x


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