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Thursday, February 7, 2013


I painted this powerful piece when I wrote this post, as the word "open" kept circling around in my mind. It's time I share it with you- hope you'll find inspiring ideas and healing in it.

... To new beginnings To new ideas To renewed strength To Possibility to Abundance To synchronicity To gratitude To dreaming To a bigger heart To a stronger faith To connectedness To new places To discoveries To believing in the unbelievable To self-love To compassion To self- permission To a new life To a better me To blooming To understanding To accepting more To hope love and goodness To receiving healing when healing comes To more joy To fresh canvases To truly listening To being in the Now To saying no more often To saying yes more often To noticing the everyday magic To being still Hearted Minded To playing more To my mission in this life To practicing wellness To embracing change To positive thinking To growing in Grace To Beauty, Truth and Inspiration.
Monica x


  1. It is a very lovely piece and I love what you wrote to go along with it. What a wonderful journaling promt also.

    Thank you for sharing it is so inspiring in so many ways.


  2. Fantastic, Monica. Sums up all the reasons I love you.


Thank you! I love connecting with you!