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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Project Life: my Method.

Remember I jumped on the "Project Life 2013" bandwagon ? ...11 Months to go!! 
For me, this project is not about perfection, but allows me to keep memories in a different way from what I've always done (mainly through photography and written journals as separated things). I'm not showing my whole spreads because I prefer to keep them private (so my wording is edited with Photoshop before posting here), but I'll show entire pages when I feel comfortable sharing with the world :) My PL posts are more about my method (let's say experimentation!) and what I learn as I go to encourage others to be creative, than a simply share of my own pages. Details can be found at the very bottom of this post.

Just a plain composition book.

I use washi tape or normal clear adhesive tape, or  just staples to attach my photos. No glue, no mess, super quick.
I thought I'd make some cards and tags to add to my pages, to keep them coordinated in the simplest of ways and speed up the process!

I made an envelope out of a pretty magazine page to store all of my cards and tags.

What I've learnt so far:

1. There are no rules for this project! So have you started yours yet? :)

2. Having a busy working schedule, no way I can make PL weekly. It has to be monthly for me. This doesn't mean I do all the work at the end of the month, or I wouldn't be able to remember anything! But my journal is divided into months, not weeks. I don't mind to register the exact day or the whole week, or how many days are in a week, I just proceed in a very relaxed way as the days pass by. I just add January, February etc when a new month begins.

3. The cards and tags really speed up the process and keep my pages coordinated in the simplest of ways. I like coordinates. They add a pop of color too without much effort.

It took me a while to cut a batch of them, but now I have everything ready so it doesn't take me more than 30 minutes to update my journal, usually every 2- 4 days.

4. I wanted this to be a very cheap project, so my materials are being kept very simple (no scrapbooking supplies, tools and materials) and I use what I already have around my studio. This doesn't mean I won't buy new cute tags or washi tape when I have the chance, but I want to keep my PL not pretentious.

5. I used matte paper (not photo paper) to print my photos. It's prettily inexpensive compared to photo paper and I can write on it easily. Plus I love the look.

6. I use to keep very quick notes of events of note on a normal agenda, so if I cannot spend time to do PL I can still remember what happened after a few days.

7. The secret to have this done in my opinion, is to take it easy. No pressure, just relax. No matter if your pages are not magazine worthy, they are sure to delight you anyway when looking back at them after some months/years.

8. What I have to remember, is just to take photos when something happens- a surprise parcel arrives, my messy worktable while having fun, the snowflakes falling, I've been given or treat myself to flowers, I eat something yummy, I go to a place I want to remember etc.

9. I print on demand every few days, when I have the time to spend 30 minutes with PL. Then I cut the photos with a cutter, and just compose the pages. It's very quick, as I have no page protectors of a certain size to be filled/to buy... I used to have lots and lots of printed photos when just a few years ago we didn't have digital cameras (had my very first one in 2003-2004), and now I miss the feeling of the "real thing", a printed photo in my hands, to be able to curl up on the sofa with my memories, no computer on my knees. I'm sure many of you have the same feeling. That's why I embarked on PL, after all.

10. I don't have to get too behind, or it will end up in lots of pressure. When I have half an hour to relax after lunch, for example, I light up the fire and curl by it with my Portable Inspiration Station.

11. I write what I feel right to write- if just a word, it's OK, if a line it's OK, if it's a story, it's OK too. I don't comment each photo, they speak for themselves. I jot down lots of feelings, sensations, ideas. That's why I prefer to keep most of my PL private (but my hubby has permission to read it! ♥)

12. I added a "recap" page at the end of January (will add one each month), where on the last day of the said month I'm going to write the events of note in a single, brief line, in no chronological order.

That's all folks! :)

Will share more as I navigate through PL. I hope this helps you to just start.
Monica x