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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tutorial: Valentine's Day Love Wands.

I'm sharing with you a cute "love wand" I created especially for my hubby for Valentine's Day 2013. I just love this season of hearts! :)

As the majority of my projects, this is very simple and can be made on a budget, using a very limited number of supplies you'll easily find around your home (also in the recycling bin!).

Tools and materials:
- Corrugated cardboard
- Scissors
- Glue (better if spray)
- Glitter (red)
- Wooden skewer
- Acrylic paint (red)
- Brush
- Washi or adhesive tape
- Twine
- Old book to cut

Step- by- step instructions:
1. Cut a heart shape out of the corrugated cardboard. I go freehand but you can use a template if you prefer.

2. Using red paint (or mixing two shades to obtain the desired hue)...

... paint your heart on both sides. Dry with the hairdryer to speed up the process.

3. When dry, spray with glue (better to do this outside).

4. Sprinkle with glitter.

5. Attach a skewer securing on the back with washi tape.

 6. Add a twine bow.

7. You may want to add text and a dedication on the rear.

What to use these for? To top your packages off, to add to a plant, a chocolates box, as cupcake toppers, napkin decorations, or simply to be kept on a desk to remind the recipient of your love! ♥

Monica x


  1. So cute and simple. I think I will make these with my daughter for her class valentines, use a pencil instead of a dowl rod.

    Thanks for sharing your tallent and ideas.


  2. Так просто и так очаровательно!

  3. Gorgeous!

    Bee happy x

  4. So sweet and so easy. What a great idea Monica! A magical wand for sure.

  5. What a simple and so cute idea to stick here or there. They are darling hand made reminders that someone is loved! Sweet!

  6. Cute cute cute cute cute..Can't seem to type a Heart on my netbook..but surely wanted to add:)

  7. Hi Monica,

    This is such a sweet idea and thanks for sharing.

    Happy weekend

  8. Monica, I just found you on Pinterest and I am so pleased...I love both of your blogs. I will follow by email. Your art is beautiful and I am so happy that you do tutorials so that we can understand the process.
    Thank you so much for sharing your art and life.
    Can't wait to see more!!!


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