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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blog News.

I definitely am not an entrepreneur, and once again proved to myself (not to my disappointment at all) I will never be.

I have always navigated my online life with a "trial-and-error" approach, which reflects my "do-what makes-you-feel-good-and-happy" and "take-it-easy" way of living, more than with an actual strategy.
Last year, after I had read about "branding strategies" from real entrepreneurs, I fooled myself into thinking this was necessary to better adjust my blog to my job, and started a new online journal with a new url (my name). Well, after having tried for 5 months, I've now come to the conclusion that having two blogs doubles my work and halves my joy. It requires lots of months and even years before your readers  realize there's yet another place where to find you online (now that the social networks abound!), and I've been sad to learn many of you end up missing all I am sharing on my second blog, where I put so much energy, time and love. Moreover, it's not my intent to use my blog as a marketing platform- I blog for other reasons, which should you fancy, you can read here.

Therefore, because my word for 2013 is "MOVE", I've now changed my mind and am happily back to one blog only, The White Bench, which holds such a dear spot in my heart. It has been a place for me to make discoveries, move my first baby steps into the big big World, grow and bloom, both personally and professionally. I made friends through it, learnt where I wanted to go and why, and recorded here my happy days with Kim, my struggles, my joys, one day at a time.

In the next two weeks, I will repost all the 56 posts I've published on my other blog (with the original dates) so you'll always be able to read them here just browsing the archive. My apologies if you'll find all of those posts of mine in your Readers List- it should require just a fortnight or so.

Then, I will be back to regular blogging- but mind you! Spring is going to bring along lots of exciting new things, new inspiration and new series here @The White Bench. I will catch up with One Book a Month and Joyful Simplicities, my antiquing/flea market adventures, and will introduce new series of posts I'm pretty sure you'll like too!! Among others, there will be step- by- step tutorials as usual, photography and art- related posts, recipes from my kitchen, and I really want to be back writing about domesticity, makeovers, home and garden... something I've really missed over the past 3 years. All in a very relaxed and joyous way, at my own pace and with my own rules.

I can't wait! ... And you?
Monica x


  1. I say a Wonderful Yes, Monica!
    A big,big hug

  2. :) You're so cute!

  3. Great idea..
    I find for me one is certainly enough:)

    Some manage 2 or more very well..
    But one is enough pour moi..Great now I won't miss any of your posts..I wonder why I did miss some..

  4. That sounds great, Monica. Keeping up with do blogs and all of your other pursuits must have been a huge task. I'll look forward, as always, to your posts.


  5. Great news !!...i can't wait too......love Ria...xxx...

  6. This makes total sense, Monica. I really do understand how trying to force an activity into being doesn't really feel authentic. I have several blogs and sometimes think about combining them.

    But well done to you for handling it and I look forward to any posts I've missed!

    Have a beautiful week!


  7. Great idea! I've kept up with both blogs via Google Reader, but having one is certainly easier for you. If it works, why change it?

  8. Hi Monica,

    I think your blog news is wonderful, and don't know how you could manage them both.
    Look forward to catching up with more of your news on The White Bench.

    Happy week,

  9. Thanks for your feedback, ladies! From my own experience, yes, I'd recommend one blog only. If you have a lot to say, you can blog everyday! But managing two is hard.
    Hugs to you all! Thanks for commenting, I really, really appreciate that.

  10. Welcome back sweet friend. You know I love your posts.Always love scrolling
    down to Kim's picture. I am still trying to figure out where you are living. Italy....?

  11. It seems better! I'll try to pop over often !

  12. I love it here, too, Monica. I always feel your heart here.

  13. Monica, I could not understand how you managed with two beautiful blogs, it is hard enough for me to work on one. I am glad I won't miss a thing now and I look forward to all your new adventures.

  14. The way seems clear for you here, so I wish you all the best and look forward to reading more. Simplifying always seems such a good idea! Heather x

  15. Dear Monica,
    I think it is a great idea to return to just one blog-I know that I have been confused now and then and can see I also missed a lot of posts from you,- also it must be such a big work, dealing with 2 blogs...
    Thank you for your lovely comment, -I wish you a happy rest of the sunday,and a lovely new week.

  16. One blog is great and I love your writing -- and your dogs, too. Thanks for sharing.


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