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Friday, March 29, 2013

Country Flowers of the Month: Spring Wreath.

Arranging flowers is one of my favorite self- care practices. 
Here's a little and easy project I hope you'll enjoy, too.

I hadn't had the time to make a Spring wreath yet, first of all because of my hectic and stressful life as of late. And if I had planned to make one to greet Spring, the bad blizzards and freezing temperatures that welcomed us when we arrived in England, surely didn't allow me to even think of venturing outside for a country walk!

But now that the snow and thick, scary ice (which was everywhere on the roads!) are melting, I could find something suitable for a wreath.

Here's what I found:
snowdrops, some daffodils (and some I bought locally a few days ago), feathers, green ivy, bare branches from different trees and some branches with teeny tiny buds. I didn't cut them, they had already fallen down because of the wind... (Please ignore the handful of heart- shaped rocks! :))

Here's how to proceed.
1. As first step, separate the branches- the flexible ones, the green ones and the rigid ones. I usually start working on the floor...

2. Create a circle with ivy, holding it firmly in one hand. Then with a length of twine, tie a knot to secure it.

3. Proceed adding ivy, twisting and turning it as shown below. It may look complicated, but I assure you it's very easy to do when you'll try your hand at it. Here and there, secure with twine. This helps keeping your circle firm enough.

4. When you have the basic shape of your wreath, start inserting the "loose ends" among the others, until you have a regular wreath. Secure with twine.

5. Start adding other flexible branches, and proceed twisting and turning as you previously did with ivy. Your basic wreath is now complete!

You may even decide to leave it this way... as for me, I love its rustic simplicity.
But I'll go one step further and embellish it a little bit.

6. Add a little posy of snowdrops, using twine to keep in place.

7. Cut the daffodils and add them too. You just have to gently secure the stem among the other twigs. Of course, the flowers in this kind of arrangement will last just a day or two. Then you can keep the "green" wreath or change the flowers. For a lasting arrangement, use fabric decorations, empty eggs, etc. instead of fresh flowers. I will show you other ways to make durable fresh wreaths/centerpieces another time. This is a "last minute" one meant for a special day only (for ex. Easter day) to greet your guests or decorate the table.

8. Add some bows made of twine, and feathers if you like the idea. You can also attach empty eggs with hot glue, but I preferred to keep this as a "Spring" wreath  instead of an "Easter" one.

Snow and bad weather are forecasted in lots of Countries right now, but whatever the weather... Happy Easter everyone!
Monica x


  1. Happy Easter Monica ♥
    lovely wreath ~ how fabulous that you have a lot of wreath making material right on the property! the snowdrops are so sweet & we have them in our garden too but will have to wait a bit longer for the Daffs.
    I love that you have a bench in your garden xo

  2. How simple but oh-how-sweet. I just love the bright pop of Spring flowers- xo Diana

  3. LOVE!

    I am so far away time wise for my jonquils..engulfed in snow and mud right now..
    Only blooms?
    Indoors..What a lovely post.
    Happy Easter.

  4. A perfect and pretty Spring project. I hope you will share it at Pink Saturday.

  5. I am so grateful that I have found your blog. You are simply lovely...your blog is a joy. I am sorry that you are dealing with challenging situations..Your kindness and beauty shine through your art and your photos..Thank you for sharing such loveliness.

  6. Here we have also snow today.....Happy easter...love Ria...xxx...!!!

  7. What a pretty Spring wreath ! Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter to you also.

  8. Very beautiful, Happy Easter Monica.

  9. Dear Monica,

    I love your pretty spring wreath and how sweet it looks against the white snow.
    Also how fabulous all your lovely heart shaped rocks are.
    Continued thoughts go your way dear friend.

    Happy Easter

  10. Happy Easter, Monica!

  11. Your wreath looks gorgeous and so striking with the snow background. Happy Easter!

  12. You're all so kind and lovely, ladies!
    What a blessing is having you visit and thanks for leaving such nice words for me.
    Hope your Easter day is sunny (inside and out) and just beautiful! xoxo

  13. I'm really inspired by your spring wreath! Have a wonderful Easter

  14. This is just perfect. Happy Easter!

  15. Your wreath is simple and delicious!
    Perfect to send way a while this chilly weather sensation.
    Happy Easter

  16. Thank you,Monica for the yellow of your Spring Wreath!
    Happy Easter di Cuore :)

  17. So lovely and beautifully fresh and springlike, dear Monica-- here I have not yet seen any so wonderful evy , only very small and grey ones-
    Thankyou for this -you are such a kind and sweet person, and I hope your worries will soon be solved in the best way, and that all will be good again.
    Happy Easter!

  18. It's a lovely wreath, Monica.

    Happy Easter to you.


  19. I must say the snow makes a wonderful backdrop for the wreath with its cheery yellow.

  20. absolutely beautiful in the snow!

  21. Hi Monica, your wreath is beautiful as is your blog. I have been catching up, I love all the focus on the Spring flowers. I am sending prayers your way to, noting a previous post. We all have time to pray for one another and to be there when needed. I have not been around much but am feeling well. loved the picture of you and Kim laying on the blanket. We still have snow here, can't wait until Spring arrives. We usually don't plant until May long weekend or things have a chance of freezing, so your blog just made me smile as I enjoyed your flowers. be well my friend. you are often thought of. hugs.


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