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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First Signs of Spring.

First of all, thank you so much for bearing with me during the transition from two blogs from one once again! All the posts from my other blog (not active anymore) are now accessible for you in the archive on this blog. And many thanks for your comments, yes it was hard to manage two and, as I really want to simplify my life, coming back to having one only is like fresh air for me! Plus, I feel so "at home" @The White Bench!

Spring is definitely here, with warmer, sunny days and frequent rain spells, that prepare Nature for a gorgeous, blooming season ahead! I intend to find beauty in the rain, and this looks like a good point to start with. Also, rain cleans the air, quenches the thirsty meadows and trees, and at night, cuddles us with her soft lullaby. 

And thanks to all the rain of the last week, the pink Hyacinths I have planted last October with my Kim (waggling and sniffing around) have grown! They're such a promise of the coming good...

This lonely teapot without lid was abandoned at the thrift shop. Isn't it perfect as bulb container?

I have also planted tulips in this zinc bucket. We used to be surrounded by hundreds of them in our old garden, and I always love having them around with their happy faces.

You may remember the plant label I made last year.

Garden soil and paint on my nails and hands... pure bliss!

My tree peonies are starting to get leaves... 

Rosemary in bloom.

Hellebores in bloom! Love them.

And the Phalaenopsis orchids indoors are blooming too! Not as profusely as last year though, as I forgot to fertilize them last autumn. I have already mentioned I usually set my orchids into a hydroculture pot (in this case, an antique chamber pot).

Have you spotted the first signs of Spring yet? (to my dear readers Down Under I should ask- Autumn?).
Monica x


  1. The music of spring flowers is all around and the rain cherish them.
    Happy week,Monica

  2. I love the first signs of spring, its so exciting and I LOVE pink Hyacinths, hope we can see a photo when they're in full bloom :)

  3. Lovely signs of spring. The rain is falling here as I write, watering the bulbs and spring growth. I'm staying cozy indoors, doing some sewing and writing.

  4. yes a little but it's still so cold and windy here that the daffodils don't know whether to open up or fall over! I like your bulbs in a teapot, it will look so very nice, Heather x

  5. Yes ...but now it is verry cold in Holland...and we have snow agsin...hope spring will come soon....love Ria...xxx...

  6. Dear Monika, you truly have spring around you, by now, how wonderful it is.So many lovely new greens to see, and your beautiful orchids.
    Here it is nasty cold,still, and when things come down from the sky, it is snow!
    I love the bulps in the teapot, so sweet.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  7. I have snowdrops in the garden, which always bloom before the spring flowers come along. Almost all of the snow has melted so I'll have to take a closer look in the garden to see if any other leaves have started to poke through the earth. You photos are full of springtime beauty, Monica.

  8. My tulips are just peeking through and I've planted violas in my pots for the front porch. They are so precious and are welcoming Spring. Your flowers are lovely Monica.

  9. Ah, I adore Spring. And, I intend to plant hyacinths every year. but I always let the time slip by.

  10. Hi Monica,
    How very lovely, your orchid is blooming so nicely. I have four orchid plants and only one is staring to bloom the other tree nothing but new leaves. I also love spring and all the new flowers in bloom and fresh cooler air. Our summers are so hot and I am not a hot weather kind of girl (I melt)
    I have been catching up with you and on my goodness your post on your veggie and flower garden was beautiful.
    Our new baby is doing so well, only two accidents in the house not bad for a 10 week old. Shilo is so sweet and has become my husband's shadow.
    Have a sweet day and rest your hands..XO Elizabeth

  11. I love spring too--seeing those little sprouts of green is so exciting. Great photos.

  12. I'm going to try my hand at gardening next year, but for now, I am enjoying seeing your garden bloom. I love your photography! Thank you for sharing..I am tired of the cold wet weather and awaiting for some budding over here!

    Big hugs


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