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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring everyone!
Daffodils are dancing in the breeze in my corner of the world, and the cherry trees are blossoming. Violets have started to pop up everywhere, and the snow that surprised us on my birthday, quickly melted because of a beautiful sunshine.
My pink hyacinths are blooming too...

I wish you could smell them... intoxicating!
A big thank you for all of your adorable words and wishes for my birthday! They warmed my heart.
Monica x


  1. ...Dear Monica...firstly, big belated love for your Birthday yesterday Xx :) so so sorry I missed it and it was a biggy too!...your blog and musings inspire so many, your beautiful creations and thought provoking, inspiring words, allow us to dream, to imagine, to step forward from our boundries, you Monica are one of life's beautiful people...I have a quote by Albert Schweitzer which I feel sums up completely the gift of your blog... 'sometimes our light goes out, but is blown into instant flame by an encounter with another human being' ...so thank you for being you...MelXx

  2. And a happy first spring day to you dear Monica- your flowers are truly lovely, I adore hyacinths and this colour is wonderful.
    We had snow storm for 3 dayes now, and I than you for these beautiful pictures filled with spring.

  3. Year finally spring!!!!........xxx...love Ria...

  4. Oooh I think I can smell them Monica! So pretty. I want to wish you a late birthday---I loved your post.
    many hugs from here...

  5. I am loving your pink hyacinths. So pretty. Enjoy. And, thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi Monica, I am one of your followers who is in love with all your beautiful photos....You are such a inspiration to me that I always look forward to seeing your "next" post!
    Beautiful Blog!
    Shari @ Kashmere Kisses

  7. Oh- I can almost smell them from here. I leaned down in the store the other day and just inhaled the scent. So beautiful...great pictures! xo Diana

  8. Where is the lovely pictures you here have shared with the world, can really sense the smell of the beautiful hyacinths.
    Hugs Leila

  9. The light blue of the sky says to us:it's Spring :)!

  10. Monica, thank you for your message on my blog. I have looked at your easy-going project life and I am definitely inspired! I already tend to use the graph composition notebooks for my altered art journaling, and I love how you let the photos do their own storytelling. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Hyacinths smell wonderful! One of my favourites x

  12. Happy Spring to you!
    The pink Hyacinths are gorgeous and the smell must be wonderful...

  13. I can imagine how beautiful spring is there! It's pretty darn good here, too. We have narcissus, hyacinth, hellebores and periwinkle with much more on the way.

    Belated Happy Birthday, my friend!! I hope you had a marvelous celebration.


  14. How pretty! Is there anything more lovely than fresh flowers to enjoy up close? I can't think of anything. :)
    Hugs & Happy Spring, dear Monica!


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