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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Introducing a New Column: Country Flowers of the Month.

I strongly believe in the power of flowers, and am deeply inspired by the spiritual qualities I see in them: Beauty, Grace, Simplicity, Inspiration and Joy. I believe they should be brought more often into our homes and working environments.

Nature generously offers us plenty of free supplies to unleash our creativity. I'm going to share with you creative ideas and show how to make very spontaneous arrangements, incorporating branches, twigs, herbs, foliage and even the humblest wildflowers, that bring joy to the soul and you can share with others too.
It's my goal to make use of garden flowers you can pick from your own garden or buy locally, or of natural flowers picked during a country walk. In this case, be sure you're not picking rare flowers, and always cut them without removing the bulbs/roots.

I've been wanting to start this regular column here on my blog for a while now. In the past sometimes I happened to publicly speak (not my cup of tea as an intovert :)) to small feminine audiences about creative domesticity and flower arrangement techniques, and I thought I could bring some of those ideas here for you all to enjoy too. I'm not a trained florist, but I love pretend play. In my early 30s, I often made arrangements for friends that were having parties or celebrations. My posts will hopefully work as inspiration for you, and then you can dive deeper into the subject elsewhere.

Inspired by my word of the year, move, I decided that even if it's my purpose to enrich each of these posts with useful informations about the flowers shown, the containers and materials used, displaying ideas and step by step tutorials on how to arrange them, I'll move forward now and just start. If I wait for everything to be perfect, I'll never do that. I hope you'll appreciate this initial, simpler post while I perfect my idea as I go.

As my first entry for this column, I'll give you this end-of-February/beginning-of-March posy of snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) from a woodland walk. In its simplicity, lovingly displayed in a slim glass jar (containing salad dressing in its former life), this small posy is beautiful and comforting at the same time, and reminds us that no matter how cold, bare and long Winter is, there will always be reawakening and abundance soon after.

A tussie mussie made with Scilla bifolia (Alpine squill or two- leaf squill). It's endemic in Central and Southern Europe, loves shady places. That blue seems to come out of one of my watercolor boxes!

A simple cone of paper, if you don't have a basket with you, prevents the flowers from being damaged (and makes a lovely way to present them).

When the stems are very short, an upcycled jam jar or jogurt jar is always a good idea. Just tie a bow with twine or ribbon to add a pretty touch.

Happy Spring everyone! Oh yes- it's almost here!
Monica x


  1. I have a few feet of snow yet to go..but yes those will be my first 2 bouquets here also:)
    Love flowers..love them.

  2. Lovely and simple floral arrangements, Monica. They are the best. Let the flowers bloom!

  3. Oh my I love, love, love this idea! I am always looking for inspiration on simple, spontaneous flower arrangements. Love this first post and can't wait to see more...
    Thank you

  4. Lovely !!!...enjoy your evening...love Ria...xxx...

  5. LOVELY idea and flowers! We still have snow and cold temps, so this post is a delight.
    Wishing you a happy day, Monica!

  6. I think flowers are the colour smile of our life.
    Great your new Column...sarĂ  un altro appuntamento imperdibile!
    Good evening

  7. You're all so darling, ladies! We'll have fun! :)

  8. Love this idea, Monica. Your eye for beauty always lends itself to beautiful creations.

    I am ready for Spring.

  9. Beautiful, Monica. Always love fresh flowers.

  10. Each arrangement is so charming, Monica. I enjoyed checking on my snowdrops today. Although it's well below freezing, they are blooming in the garden.

  11. I've just found your blog. This spring flowers decoration are gorgeous!
    Greetings from Crocow!

  12. I totally agree about flowers, my Granny's home was always full of flowers simply arranged from the garden. Whenever I stayed there was always a little vase of flowers greeting me in my bedroom. I must do this more here, I have got some primroses smiling at me at the moment! The scillas in my garden are just starting to pop out of the snow, yes snow! Thanks for your uplifting post, looking forward to more of them, Catherine x

  13. So pretty, sweetie. Your photos are always so refreshing and inspiring!
    Hugs to you!

  14. Ciao vengo dal blog dell'amica Micol!!
    Mi sono messa tra le tue followers,mi piace il tuo blog!!
    Ci vediamo presto!!
    Un bacio!!

  15. I don't think my comment went through....I will try again. Your photography is just beautiful and your flowers are so inspirational for my future garden, hopefully next year.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Big hugs

  16. Dear Monica,

    Happy Spring to you! and I love your pretty little posies. Also the idea of having the new column with the flower of the month.
    wishing you a happy new week


  17. beautiful, I agree that to begin is the thing. I love the printed paper cone. The snow drops are just lovely, Heather x

  18. Lovely!!!Just Awesome!!! Such amazing fresh flowers arrangement are giving feel of fresh flowers gallery . Just Love it.


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