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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Joyful Simplicities (from my English Country Diary).

More photos than in my usual Joyful Simplicities posts, but I just couldn't help myself! :)
I am living my dream... nothing happened overnight of course, and it took many years, tears, anxiety, adaptability and lots of work to be able to live this life! But now, it makes my heart explode (even when life gets though)- and I wanted to share my joy with you!

Here are some of my latest simple pleasures,  while I'm learning to lead a country life. All pics taken with my cell phone (... remember I'm giving myself permission? ;)).

Finding feathers, and finally being migraine- free! :))))))))

Visiting the local Farmer's Markets.

Seeing quaint cottages with stunning front gardens.

Sharing the lawn with pheasants.

Learning which seeds which bird prefers
(I've been given the lovely jar, which originally contained delicious cookies, by a special friend who lives nearby).

Stopping to admire the finds of the day.

Seeing such incredible views while driving
(and usually, no car is behind you- so you can stop and take a picture).

Wearing simple, comfortable clothes and shoes every day.

Open fields.

Sheep and lambs.

This kind of traffic :)

Seeing horses everywhere.

Discovering different types of eggs I totally ignored the existence of
(these are goose eggs, at the Farmer's Market).

Buying organic salad at the Farmer's Market and finding violets in there (this truly had me gonna crush!).

Living at a very different pace than before and being thankful for that
(found this writing, "Rest and be thankful", at the bust stop) .

"The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them."- Paulo Coelho, The Alchimist
Have a happy weekend!
Monica x


  1. Monica - I am so glad you are finding joy in your new world!!! Thank you for sharing it with us, inspiring us and exploring with us parts of the world we might not otherwise ever see. I'm loving the view through you and appreciate every moment. Most importantly, thank you for sharing YOU! BIG BIG HUGS TO YOU from Boston!

  2. You look and sound so happy, Monica, and I can see why! Your photos show us the beautiful place you are in! I'm glad that you are feeling well again, you have so much to see and do! :)


  3. I can feel the Joy you have through your lovely photos and words.

  4. Thanks for sharing your new life with us - great photos.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Everything is so beautiful!! I love the cottages and the color of those primroses with the daffodils. It looks like you are having a great time :)
    Thanks for sharing,

  6. What a beautiful post on enjoying the simple things in life, in being happy with what you have, and just being glad to be alive with nature and good wholesome things around you.
    You sound in your element and just happy to "be".Enjoy!
    Gill xx

  7. I just need a piece of joyful Spring!
    Happy weekend

  8. Hi darling.....love this post...but are you now living in England ???...no more Italy anymore ???...love Ria...xxx...

  9. Such beautiful photoes from your new world life, dear Monica!
    What a most beautiful place, pieceful and quiet-
    I wish you a lovely wekend!

  10. I am smiling because you are smiling.

  11. Just wonderful, my kind of things, reminds me of my childhood! So glad you are happy, catherine x

  12. Such joy in this post. Each photo is lovely, expressing the happiness that you feeling.

  13. it looks like a great place to live. I am so excited to be going to England tomorrow!



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