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Thursday, May 9, 2013

At the Moment I am...

(All pictures taken with my Iphone)

I feel in my element living in England. Never felt like this before, ever!
Feels like I'm born again.


... myself to take more self- portraits and love more what I see through the lens. I didn't mind to be photographed when I was younger, but over the past 5 years or so I haven't felt comfortable anymore, becoming very camera- shy. 

With the guide of darling Vivienne, I'm challenging myself to take more selfies and be in love with what I see (and love myself more!).


I definitely am and truly have to be, doing what keeps me alive, what saves me on a daily basis, living the life of an artist I was meant to live, and bringing my vision, magic and colors into this world!

Lots of happy things happening behind the scenes! I'm not allowed to tell you as for now, I'm afraid, but I'm sure this line will rock your socks off (I was in complete awe when saw it)!


... my English Country Diary, with all the discoveries I make while living a country life in England, I've always dreamt of since I was little.


On the other side of the road, with my own "continental" car! I was about to sell it and buy a proper British car, but then just couldn't as it held such precious memories of my life with Kim. It was a very strong gut decision... I'm very grateful to my husband who drove across Europe for 3 days to bring it here.

What's really fabulous is that I do feel very confident driving this way and all looks very "normal" and comfortable to me. I very often go on a solo drive for miles, which relaxes me, soothes my heart and soul, and clears my mind.


Old, used, vintage books! This is a paradise for book lovers- you never know what you can encounter when you visit a charity shop, car boot sale, antique book shop. And they are very affordable. 

A simple pleasure, indeed!


This is a tough point. But I need to address it and record my thoughts here.
Coming to live here, we had to downsize. Big way. And moreover, houses are quite different from those in Italy- the shape of the rooms, their width, their height. In nearly every propertry we've viewed here (and we viewed quite a good number over 2 years, believe me!) ceilings are very low, there are often exposed beams and sloping ceilings. The wardrobes are usually built- in, and there's no additional room for free standing ones.

Also, my spiritual journey has brought me to a point where I need to live a simple life. I have already started to simplify some years ago, not merely on the "material" side of the things, you know. But now, here, I feel the urge to "move" forward and go deeper. Free myself (and my husband as well).
We moved here with two suitcases, and I bought some additional clothes I needed here (mainly chunky sweaters I adore and are perfect with the British climate!). And this is quite enough.

Now let's see what I'll be able to do when the rest of out things will arrive. My goal is to keep 1/8 of what I have in storage. I'll keep you posted (support appreciated on this point, thanks!).


For second- hand clothes, all bought at charity shops. If you'd ask me that ten or more years ago, I even didn't know second-hand shops existed. In Italy they're quite recent I must tell you. But now that I know them- why not? I love going green as much as I can- reuse, repurpose, recycle, upcycle, give old objects a second life around.

Clothes are not different, when they are in good conditions (and often brand- new, and their only fault is a worn price tag or almost invisible spots that you can easily fix). Bought 4 pairs of linen trousers (three cropped), one leather skirt and blazer for spring/summer (hopefully warmer!) days for a song. And all of the  proceeds go to registered charities. What's not to love?

9. IN AWE:

No words necessary, right? :)


In just over a week... woo hoo! Having my art and photography in New York City yet another time, for the world to see, is such a wonderful feeling. When I think of that, I have my heart full of joy and gratitude, and all looks and feels so natural to me. I believe I'm really living the life I was meant to live!

More details about where to find my work next week, as the show approaches.

And you, friends? What are you up to at the moment? I'd love to know!

Monica x


  1. Dear Monica, I've just read your Post...and I remember what my elder son told me after a stay at Cirencester to improve his English:
    "Cirencester is your ideal place,Mom!"
    Good afternoon :)

  2. Happy for you..:)

    I am so shy in front of the camera..last 3 yrs especially.Vivienne's blog looks so wonderful ..will peruse..
    You sound like a little girl and that is AWESOME.

  3. Franca,
    move here too! :))

    hehe, looks like I'll never grow up! :)

    Hugs, dear ladies!

  4. Hi Sweet Friend,
    I get such a strong sense of deep joy from you since your move, and it just delights me to know that you have arrived where you are supposed to be. So thrilled that your art is showing in NY, too! Such a wonderful accomplishment! I love that you are taking drives...one of my favorite things to do in my lovely sunny Florida! AND we are simplifying, too. I will be clearing away lots of unneeded items over the next couple of weeks, and can't wait to experience the new found space and freedom from it all.

    Hugs to you, Monica,
    Always a joy,

  5. You are so excited to be in England, it's amazing, and I love seeing it through your eyes. Love that you're keeping a sketchbook/journal of your discoveries :)

  6. You have made your way to your element. I am so happy for you.

  7. ...dear Monica, can I just say what a delightful photo of you and your Mother, photo's not only capture the moment in time, they capture the warmth, the love, the spirit and the soul and it radiates out to the eyes looking in and puts us right there with you :) it's been a while since I popped by and for that i'm sorry, life has been fast and furious here and I wish I could find some of your peace too...your posting is very heartfelt, and there are a million words to say in return, but for now, I will say i'm so happy that your happy to be here in England (gosh I have been away a while!!) and that you are flurishing on all levels...big love to you dear Monica Xx I can't wait to see your piccy's from Surtex and now i'm off to drift through the posting i've missed...MelXx :)


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