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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Country Flowers of the Month (April).

April was a feast for the eyes and a joy for the heart + soul, indeed!
It registered very unusual, chilly temperatures this year- hence flowers and leaves have been making their appearance very slowly. In the gardens of our cottage in the Cotswolds, snowdrops were still blooming profusely!


At the beginning of the month, there was paucity of wild flowers blooming outside, so I enjoyed gorgeous ones bought locally. I've been given this scented narcissus, planted in a super cute mug, by a dear friend who lives nearby, and it has been the first of my April country flowers.

Narcissus Bridal Crown.

Loving it so much, I then purchased some others from the local flowers guy, and they made me a proud indoor gardener! They bloomed profusely (one is still blooming today) and I am planning to save the bulbs for next year.

Narcissus Bridal Crown.

Hyacynths and white tulips.

Then, the first violets started appearing... and they made me so happy! (I do love violets).


And after them, thanks to warmer winds coming along from France, daffodils started blooming like crazy! There are hundreds of them here in the English countryside, spontaneously growing everywhere, so you can just stop and put together a cheery bunch!


I purchased hellebores at the Farmer's Market too...

Daffs and Hellebores.

... and a beautiful, unusual variety of daffodils and Cornish bluebells at the Covered Market in Oxford.

Cornish Bluebells and Daffodils.

Then, as days passed by, more and more flowers started to appear in the gardens and fields around our cottage, and I have been able to find several feathers too. Love the pheasants ones! I believe these are perfect for country, natural decor and flower arrangements.

Wild primroses.


Primroses at the Farme's Market.

Since mid April, many different varieties of daffodils have been blooming (still in bloom now), so all my country flowers (below) have been picked from the gardens and road verges.

Forget- me- nots started blooming! Happy girl.

Hopefully, in May more and more gorgeous flowers will be blooming, so we could make pretty and inexpensive arrangements together. Will you play with me? :)
Monica x


  1. it's a nice idea to add pheasant feathers to your flowers! we have a pheasant who wonders around the garden here, we call him Fergie! it's actually probably lots of different pheasants but i like the name! Heather x

  2. You must have your own little nest:) Lovely!

  3. Your vignettes are just lovely...such beautiful flower combinations! Love the different containers...the wine glass, all too cute. Things are not quite this far along here but I can't wait.

  4. Oh, Monica! These just take my breath away!

    One called Scia??? Is just gorgeous, but they all are. You can grow so many beautiful flowers in the UK, and I love all of these. Every single time I see daffodils, I think of Wordsworth. Your bouquets are just the bee's knees!



  5. Thank you for the lovely pictures! A touch of spring!!

  6. Thank you,Monica for your joyful triumph of colours!

  7. Your flowers...and your photography are just beautiful! Enjoy May!

  8. You truly captured the essence of April in your beautiful Spring flower photos dear Monica!


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