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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

From my English Country Diary.

I've been in love with the English countryside since I can remember. I've fallen under her spell many years ago, when I still was little, and used to devour books by the Brönte sisters and Jane Austen... I simply loved the romantic and magical atmosphere described among the pages. Many moons have passed, but I still have those books on hand to re-read from time to time, and I'm still deeply charmed by the feelings that this magical place inspires.

Living a country life like this is totally new to me- I've lived in the italian countryside before (after I have spent most of my life in a chaotic, suffocating, urban environment), but since I moved to the Cotswolds, I have realized how different this Country is! This amazing part of England is much more rural outside of the town's skirts than I was used to,  incredibly rich in flora and fauna, SO green, fascinating, dotted in centuries- old buildings and amazing gardens, glorious in its colors and textures. England definitely is heaven for artists and photographers... well, looks like I'm in the right place! ;)
I don't have words enough to describe what I do feel when I'm here. I'm totally inspired even by the simplest of things!

I will keep notes of my discoveries and things that make me happy here on my blog, in a sort of diary, for all of you to partake of.

As for now, I'm leaving you some shots taken over the past month. Hope they'll make your heart sing!

Back from my daily walk. God bless the mud room (or boot room)!

Picked in the back garden.

I find many feathers here, and pick them all.
As for now I use them in my decor and flower arrangements, but I was thinking to maybe make a wreath?

A goose egg. Delicious! My hubby is crazy for them. It's the size of about 2 normal eggs.

Finds during my walks.

Trying different kind of seeds for our wild friends.

Sheep and lambs are everywhere now!

I'm in love with my polka dot wellies (Wellington boots)!
They're an absolute necessity when you live in the English countryside!

Finding Lunaria annua
(or Honesty or  Money plant or Silver dollars, biannual that produces
round, translucent seeds, similar to coins- hence the name).

Wild cyclamen in bloom!

These charming thatched cottages are everywhere! Oooh yes, I mean that! :)

Monica x


  1. Such beautiful photos... you must be thrilled to be living your dream! My garden produced a bumper crop of money plants this Spring... I can't wait till they turn into silver dollars (they are green "coins" right now). :)

  2. Una Meraviglia, e nulla più.What a wonderful World!
    Golden dreams

  3. Beautiful pictures!! I have been taking pleasure in the common, simple things as well. Would love to see all those thatched cottage roof tops! We don't have those in Alberta Canada! Thanks for sharing! www.prairiegirl4-thatcountryplace.blogspot.ca

  4. So many of us have a heartfelt connection to English countryside. I am smiling thinking of you savoring the glory.

  5. Such loveliness. I'm so glad for your joy, Monica.

  6. Oh that last photo made me heart sick for Ireland...how I love and miss those wee cottages and all their charm..thanks for a wonderful post!!

  7. Oh, yes, you are so right, Monica! Nothing like the English countryside. We think about it every day. D is English and we know that one day we will end up back there. Thank you for the little getaway!



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