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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On Sharing my Originals with the World.

I'm making new art, oh what news :)
What is really new is the thought that has been circling around in my mind lately. And it'a about selling my originals.

Walking on the path of my spiritual journey, I have learnt that I have to share the abundance of inspiration that's bestowed upon me. 
I cannot block this flux, I just have to send my inspiration, my colors, my magic into the world, and that I already do through licensing. I wouldn't be able to reach so many people, so many hearts, without all of the wonderful people that believe in me and help me spread my message.

But when it comes to the original paintings I produce, you know, I've been kind of a collector of my own artworks since I am in licensing. Previously, I used to sell my works (from ceramics, to painted scarves, to original watercolors and acrylics), and I can remember with joy so many kind works and even lovely thank-you cards from happy people, telling me how happy they were to be able to enjoy my work again and again in their homes or give it as special gift.

I have realized only now that I cannot block the flux of abundance and inspiration, and I should instead send my originals too (together with pieces of my heart) out into the Universe.

All of these canvases will eventually make me (and someone else too) heal...

... will make me (and someone else too) happy. Just seeing them this way, all piled up on my studio fllor, makes me happy, already!

Looks like my inner voice is whispering in my ears I have to keep this inspiration moving, this love moving, healing moving, and physically "detatch" from my work.

Is it maybe to keep the inspiration flowing? To physically make room for new?

Now, living in the UK, that has become possible. Royal Mail offers so many possibilities, cheaper fees, receipts upon shipping and even faster deliveries around the globe.

Well, I'll keep you posted.
It's a bit scary having to add yet another thing to my already full plate, I have no studio assistant and I have to do all by myself (and I already work full- time+++). But the idea (and feeling) of these canvases, watercolors, whatever, made with my hands and radiating my love, on someone else's walls all around the globe is- how to define that- intoxicating. Makes me become emotional. Good sign, I always become emotional when I'm doing the right thing, for how scary it may seem.
Monica x


  1. a great idea Monica, and brave! you make me want to pick up my piantbrushes and papers and make something, not my usual medium, but it's tempting me! enjoy, Heather x

  2. Hi Monica, wow what an awesome idea. And I love them. You are such an inspiration. hugs.

  3. You are inspiring me with your bravery. Keep on!

  4. I think it's wonderful that you are going to send your originals out into the world for others to connect with. To share your Art in a variety of ways is a good thing for everyone :)

  5. Your moving works...and I take to painting on a canvas, again!
    A big hug

  6. I can't think of anything more wonderful than sharing your joy.

  7. Yay! Monica. I can't wait to hear more.

  8. I hope you will do it Monica!
    I love your paintings, and I`m sure it will be a succes- and wonderful joy, for you and your custumers!
    They are beautiful, and filled with love and hopes, to share with others!
    Thankyou also for inspirering me,- not with building a business up-as I`m on my last year having my own shop, here where I live- my 2o years as shopowner, will end this december :-) -and I will create only to bless myself, and some few costumers on my way!!! but doing that I know I will find inspiration from you and your way of living!

  9. Love Love this post. You will transform these canvases in something really beautiful! Ciao Rita


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