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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Project Life: Catching Up.

Moving with two suitcases only meant I couldn't have with me all of my stuff. I could find space for my PL book, a stapler, some washi tape rolls but that's it. I thought I could easily continue PL without a printer and a cutter, but that was not the case.

As I have explained here, without a home printer this project goes out of the window for me, and the same is without a cutter, because using it, everything is cut in no time, otherwise I don't have the time to cut each and every single picture to perfection with a pair of scissors. Fortunately, I was able to rescue my printer/scanner from the storage, and I bought a cutter locally, so in the end I could move forward with PL.

But as soon as I opened my book and started catching up with late March and April (I was one and a half month behind at that point), I have realized maybe the most important things about PL.

1. That the past is past, and it's much simpler to do PL when you are up to date. In fact, your memory is still vivid and you can jot down feelings, which is my main purpose doing PL (I use PL as a gratitude journal and spiritual tool too), not merely a description of the facts that happen to me. 

2. That if I had started to catch up starting from the very point when I had stopped, I would have been more and more behind. In fact, because of point number 1, I'd have lost the "present" and the thrill to have all of my happenings of the day (blessings) put down onto the pages. That keeps me up to date.

3. So, in my opinion, when you get behind, you should continue from the present moment, and then, only when you have time, catch up with the past weeks/month. If you record events/feelings on a separate diary or agenda, it won't be difficult. 

4. I put all of the pictures I had started to print in a folder, together with business cards I had collected, notes, etc, and started again on a new book from the actual date.
The pages shown behind belong to May.

Monica x


  1. I agree, moving on from the present moment seems to be the thing to do! it does require a certain letting go though, don't you think?! have a good day, Heather x

  2. I agree--I always start now and go back--the important thing is to record those memories. Your book looks great!

  3. How beautiful...and satisfying for you to realize that catching up is a never ending process....enjoy the day. That is best..the present is real and fresh!

  4. I am two months behind. But I don't seem to be sweating it.
    Hmm... that doesn't sound like me at all!! lol


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