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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blog Love!

For those who didn't manage to follow my curated week on Crescendoh, I am sharing here all of the gorgeous posts I have chosen, and the wonderful ladies behind them.

My Little Red Suitcase
A blog full of heart, good writing, and happy things.

Georgianna Lane
In Monet's garden, as seen through the lens of talented Georgianna Lane.

Liz Lamoreux
Love how Liz prompts us to be present.

Alisa Burke
A husband and wife artistic collaboration.

Vivienne McMaster
Do you take self- portraits of your feet? If not, you should start!

Alisa Noble
If you fear that blank, white canvas...

Blue Penny by Cindy Ann
Eye candy for the soul, accompanied by Cindy Ann's colorful art!

Boxwood Cottage
Carola has one of the coolest creative spaces I've seen around Blogland.

The Swenglish Home
If you're in England in the Cotswolds area, this tiny jewel of a village is totally worth a visit.

Quill Cottage
A beautifully written and heartfelt post about managing with negative feelings and applauding others' success.

Elizabeth Maxson
A fabulous kitchen redo on a budget, by amazing Elizabeth Maxson.

Posted from Home
For my daily dose of domestic bliss, inspiring quotes and animals love, I visit Deb's world.

Catherine designs such happy accessories for a party, or to add cheer to our daily teatime!

La Table de Nana
A charming, oh-so-charming way to decorate a cake, from the kitchen of a charming lady.

Monica x


  1. Monica..I have only just peeked at 2 and ..so beautiful~
    Will look at all.
    Merci beaucoup.

  2. Thank you for including me {and Archer} in your Crescendoh curated week blog list ♥
    Honoured to be amongst so many lovely bloggers xo
    My Art Saves story is posted today :-D My 2013 guiding word really should have been BRAVE !

  3. What an incredible list! Thank you so much, dear Monica, for including me. I'm touched and honored. I shall enjoy exploring the rest of the links.

    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.



  4. Monica,

    I've been catching up on your blog and can't help but notice you've moved to the Cotswolds! I'm so happy for you, as I know you've dreamed of this for a long time. When did you move?


  5. Monica, I'll have to take some time to visit your recommended sites. Thank you for the intriguing list.


  6. Thank you Monica, I will have a look around. Have a nice day in the Cotswolds. I have bet my son an ice cream that the sun will come out by the end of the day!! Heather x

  7. Thank you,Monica! Your Post is a wonderful and charming ( ...and "very British"!) world of inspiration for me :)


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