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Monday, June 17, 2013

From my English Country Diary.

Last month, I had to run some errands, and decided to take the "scenic route" instead of the fastest one- as I usually do. Not that this is difficult in this picture- perfect Country- quaint corners, idyllic cottages, photogenic country roads and fantastic views can be found everywhere!

Anyway, I was on a quiet, solo- drive and happened to pass through this little jewel of a village (Long Compton, Warwickshire, close to the border with Oxfordshire), not far from where we live . Of course, you won't be surprised to know that I stopped the car and treated me to a little exploration. If you read my blog, by now you must have understood that I'm an explorer at heart! ;)

Here in England, I always feel like I have been thrown into a fairytale book! When you see pictures of such beautiful thatched cottages and English villages, you may be tempted to think they cannot be real... 

... and instead they are!! :)

I have no words to explain you what I feel living in this corner of the world... I just feel in my element so much, and my childhood never- forgotten dreams are so strong, that at times I can barely breathe and stand the excitement! It's a continued oohing and aahing (... very often loud and clear!).
It has been a wild dream of mine since I was little to live in England, among these cottages... I think (and several people have told me, too, surprisingly!) that I am perfectly matching the surroundings! LOL

These places seem to have stopped... time is but a mere convention here, because everything moves at its own pace. And at times, you have the strong feeling that it's not moving at all.

Everywhere you can glance at, everything is abundant and glorious and taken care of. Much love and patience go into those tidy, rich and cheery flower beds. And it's not rare that if you admire them loudly, you can even start a conversation and eventually go away with lots of helpful tips on the most desparate subjects (from gardening advice to recipes to who the most brilliant dentist in the area is and where you can find the coolest antique shop or the best tea room - and things like that).

If you stop and really pay attention, you'll notice that even ordinary things here have a special charm. Nothing is too modern in the English countryside, and even the useful objects are totally integrated in the landscape.

The honey-colored natural stone of the Cotswolds adds to the charm of these villages. It acts perfectly as a neutral background for all of the beautiful colors of the skilfully planted flower beds, gracefully arranged pots, quaint objects you can see everywhere, from colorful doors and artistic sculptures, to hanging baskets, house signs, trellies, benches and so on.

And when I left the village, while driving, all of a sudden I noticed a sea of blue...

... And so I discovered bluebells!

No words to describe the thrill and surprise and amazament to find yourself alone in a bluebells wood!! Wherever you may look, there were thousands of them. It was truly magical. I'm sure there are fairies living in there.

The message of this post is: a little unplanned wander sometimes, and taking a different route from your usual one (both in life and creativity), keeps you open, fresh and enthusiast. And you never know what you can encounter along the way... ;)

Happy Monday!
Monica x


  1. You are right..all the places you have shown us..make me want to see them in person..we have never discussed Englad..only returning to Provence and maybe small towns in Italy..
    But all this looks right up my alley:)

  2. What a lovely part of our country you live in. I love exploring, going off the beaten track. Thanks for the tour!

  3. I'm so glad you're able to live out your childhood dream, its all so beautiful, and those bluebells are amazing. Thank you for sharing it all with us!
    Hugs, Jenni

  4. Beautiful photos :)

    Bee happy x

  5. Beautiful, and a fairytale land indeed. Love the British bluebell woods!

  6. This place does seem so very you! we have never met but I can tell! Heather X

  7. Oh, you lucky lady! And I bet you are right... there has to be fairies living in there!

  8. Love the English country !!.....love from me...Enjoy summer darling...lovely week ...love Ria...x !!

  9. What a pretty place to walk/explore and relax. Thanks for sharing it with us on the other side of the pond.
    Have a great week.

  10. Hi Monica,

    So lovely to read that you are now living in England, as I know you have wanted to do this for a while.
    Love all your beautiful photos and it really is a gorgeous place. When we were there it felt like you had stepped back in time.
    Out in the countryside, everywhere was so peaceful and quaint.

    Sending hugs and enjoy the week

  11. I love exploring. It would be fun to explore England some day. Such charming villages and scenery. And bluebells!

  12. Beautiful beautiful photos Monica - I love the English countryside. If I was ever going to live in another coountry it would be there.

  13. Oh it looks so wonderful. I can understand how it is you are feeling so much like you are where you ought to be. What a wonderful feeling that must be...
    Since I was very small and learned my family came from England and Scotland I have wished to go and now that wish is coming true - we are headed there for five weeks this Fall and I am so completely excited. After we leave London we are heading first to the Cotswolds and then will work our way north - please post more so I can see what is in store for me!

  14. 6/25

    How lucky you are, to live, where you can roam in magical places, like these. -happy sigh- Lucky... Lucky... Lucky...

    And also, people there, are so lucky, that places like this, still exist, in our frantically-speeding-world.


    Gentle hugs,
    In the NE of the US...


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