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Monday, June 3, 2013

Inspiration for You.

Sometimes you have feelings inside, screaming to be brought out into the open. Words that need to be spoken, simple truths that need to be told and passed on to others... 

I have created a vast collection of inspirational postcards (that I had printed by MOO) last November, when my heart heavy with pain for my Kim, needed to find peace. With her still in flesh and fur, laying at my feet, we gave words to my images...

I will use them to spread joy and inspiration... Hope you'll maybe try, too, to give words to your photos.  They become truly powerful.

Monica (and Kim) x


  1. These are so beautiful Monica and I definitely want to try it for myself :) Hugs

  2. Oh Monica, these are so wonderful. And really just what I needed right this minute.
    Love you and Kim.

  3. Dear Monica and (Kim)

    Thanks for your beautiful images and words ..... I know that feeling................... very apparent, this strengthens me also do you know Monica ..... that we have been given the gift to be able to express ourselves in words and pictures
    So by your comfort many people and let the sun shine in their hearts.

    Big kiss

  4. Dear Monica

    Your heart .... is a large window of light!

    I love you Syta

  5. Beautiful photos and words.

  6. I know you loved her. Beautiful, Monica.

  7. Lovely!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. I am so moved by these, Monica. The writer inside of me began thinking of my own post cards right away. What an incredible gift you have and share with us...one of many I have come to adore from you.

    Big hugs across the ocean, sweetie,

  9. You inspire me every time I visit. You amaze me with every captured moment and every beautifully delivered quote.
    I respect, so much, your true openness to life and its experiences, happy or sad, and your willingness, without hesitation, to share these personal events. You probably do not realize how great the personal and positive impact you have on others, spiritually, professionally, artistically and compassionately.
    You are always the first blog I visit because I know that my day will start out on a good note. I will be able to handle what comes my way throughout my day.
    You had a beautiful spirit gifted to you in Kim and Kim had an equally gifted spirit in you.
    Have a Beautiful Day :O)


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