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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Risk your Heart and Blossom.

It's just risking our hearts, chasing those big big dreams hidden inside...

... answering a loud "yes!" even if it's tremendously scary at times...

... that we can open up to all of the wonderful possibilities out there, and eventually blossom!

If we don't risk, there's no opportunity to bloom. With our fears of inadequacy, fears to be disappointed, or rejected, fears to fail, we are blocking all of the good coming our way. We feel the pain of keeping the petals trapped into the bud, but it's just too scary to open up and live. out. loud. Let the beauty explode, let the world admire our colors and partake of our joy. I know well, because I have done that myself for many years. 

What if we just risked our hearts instead... and blossomed?

Monica x


  1. This all resonates with me so much.
    The painting is beautiful!

  2. Wow....this is just...wow...absolutely breathtaking. I wish I could create like this. So many wonderful elements.

  3. Lovely words and lovely images.

  4. What a most beautiful canvas, dear Monica,- I love your winged heart and gorgeous flowers!! So very beautiful!!

  5. Your Heart is like a magic carpet to follow our dreams...thank you,Monica!
    Happy weekend

  6. Lovely, Monica. You speak to my heart.


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