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Monday, July 8, 2013

A new Journal Cover.

Today I want to share with you something I made especially for a dear blog friend.
Alisa makes the most wonderful handmade journals, so I thought it would have been grand to do a "collaborative" journal. I did the cover for her to fill in with pages and bind it.

I had originally planned to separate the front and back covers, but as the spine was so cute (and meaningful to Alisa), I kept them together, and just collaged a little scrap of wallpaper onto it (coordinated with that I used for the collages on the covers), to not cover the original design and title of the vintage book.

I painted butterflies on the back, and added the word "journey"...

The artwork on the front cover invites the heart to soar, to free itself from the physical boundaries of materiality, and fly free and light as a butterfly. Invites to fly towards unexplored spiritual and artistic territories, towards the realization of our biggest dreams, really setting ourselves free and become deeply and truly joyous.

That was my wish for my friend Alisa... 

Here's the "before"...

Monica x


  1. Just a splendid ,lofty Journal Cover.
    Buona settimana/Happy week!

  2. The title makes it even more charming if possible Monica!

  3. That journal is so so pretty! What a wonderful gift :)

  4. What a wonderful gift for Alisa! Beautiful!

  5. Oh I would've left the binding too! Love it!

  6. A lovely gift for a friend.


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