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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

At the Moment I am...

This is a bit of a challenging time for me, and this is going to be an adventurous summer for sure!
As I wrote on IG the other day, pursuing a dream is not always peaches and roses!
In fact, cutting a long story short, to be able to have the "right house" for us here in the UK, at least in this moment of our life, we had to make the hard decision to move 7 times from end of May to early September. Yes, I have said that. 7 times, all of my stuff to be packed/unpacked, because of course I have to work! And you creatives out there know how much stuff we always need to do the simplest of things! Crayons, canvases, paints, papers, glues, scanner/printer and on and on and on.

The worst part was that everything was booked in July and August, because it's vacation time for the whole world! But thanks to a lovely friend and her Mom, we managed to find accommodation in a little dollshouse of a cottage for nearly 2 months (even if we have to move in and out a few times because there were reservations in the middle). This is the view from inside, with one of the quaint lace curtains you can see everywhere here, and a red, rambling rose on the front wall, embracing the door.

The house is really tiny and my stuff really cumbersome! I don't have broadband and just limited internet connection, so I cannot do what I use to do everyday- read my favorite blogs, leave comments when I can, and also writing emails! I'd use precious minutes that must be saved for my job! My apologies if I am very behind with answering your emails, and if I may be missing someone on the way. It's really difficult to even do a little post on my blog, also because I don't have a comfortable place where to stay (where the internet works!). So also on this point, I will give myself permission to do just what I can.

Hence what I do all day long?
Well, I stroll aroaund the Cotswolds, to enjoy this beauty...

.... and capture with my camera...

... quaint villages, charming cottages, romantic corners, from which I will then take inspiration for my paintings.

And I paint in the remaining hours of my days!
Mixed media is extremely difficult to do in such a small space, without my art table and so on, so I am sticking to watercolors. I love that they are soo clean and mess- free! You can really paint everywhere using watercolors.

I am painting little cottage views at the moment, to then offer for sale as prints in my little Etsy shop.
Will tell you here when they are available, I want to do a batch before putting them in the shop.

I also have a tiny conservatory, where I paint when it's not sunny and warm, otherwise I am really loving staying outside in the patio garden!!

And of course, in this rose season, I'm painting roses! These are my "signature roses", I've painted for sooo many years on porcelain and also when I did custom work for brides- to- be.

I have now decided that whatever the world is painting, and whatever the gift industry wants, these are MY roses (and my style) and I want to paint from my heart! I love that I finally re- found my freedom. When you start a professional career as a commercial artist, you know, you may lose spontaneity.
First of all because you want to be "perfect". You are fooled into thinking you have grown up and now cannot play anymore, you have to work! Then what clients want you to paint, what they need, which colors to use, which the current "hot" style is.

Well, one of the best advices I have ever received as soon as I entered the licensing world, from a dear fellow licensing artist (you know who you are!! Heartfelt thank yous once again!!), is to just be yourself and ignore what others are painting. She said just go with your heart, and the licensing deals will follow- your work will be licensed because it's from your heart! Wise words, wise gal.

Off to finish these roses for my Etsy shop.
Hope you have a grand day!
Monica x
P.S. All pictures taken with my Iphone.


  1. Thank you dear Monica for your email. I wish you luck with all the moving but how wonderful you have all these magical corners to explore. I will be doing the same on the coast soon, i have even packed my watercolors in mu suitcase :). I will hold onto those wise words to create from your own unique heart. Take good care and enjoy the roses! I am excited to see your paintings. Hugs, Catherine xx

  2. Wowwww.....enjoy summer darling....love Ria...x !

  3. Love your rose!! Beautiful

  4. Every photo is beautiful..your watercolor and the rose..

    Even the KK bags ..and your sottage..so quaint!

  5. I think you are spending your time very wisely, while living in the Cotswolds, of course you have to explore and paint, I can't think of a better place :)

    Your paintings are beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing all the beauty with us.

  6. Monica's Magic Touch!Your new position is an enchanting interlude.

  7. ...how you manage to produce such stunning beautiful art whilst still being unsettled and your things all packed up just proves every creative fibre within you flows right out to give us smiley eyes and joy...Mel:)xx

  8. I'm so happy that life is treating you so well these days, Monica. Yes, it's hectic to move but you are in such a beautiful place and what's more, you sound SO happy and excited, I feel the joy leaping from your words!

    I'm wishing you a wonderful, creative, happy summer!


  9. I think you have a way of capturing the beauty of everything you lay your eyes on and sharing it. Thank you for that :)

  10. Your heart will lead you to your goal.

  11. Dear Monica,

    So lovely that you can walk along the lanes and see all the beauty everywhere.
    Love your painting of the rose and the cottage. Such wise words too, just be yourself.
    Hope that you are having a lovely week

  12. lovely to see the water colour paints out Monica, and great that you are being disciplined and putting your work time first! it sounds like lots of moving will keep you in a flexible state of mind! I'm sure the little cottage is worth it! enjoy, Heather x

  13. I miss you on IG!!! But I am glad to see some pics from your daily life here on your blog :)
    The cottage and the roses paintings look stunning! I am already in love with the rose painting and it's not even finished :)))) I looove your watercolours, they are so delicate and lovely and heartwarming!
    Talk to you soon (actually I'll write to you straight away :P)


  14. It seems it will not be an easy time for you if you have to move so frequently. Sometimes, we have just to take the things as they come.
    You are quite right, one does not need place to paint with watercolors ; a corner of a table, our knees is enough to produce something beautiful. This is what you do.

    (sorry I know my english is not at a high level).

    Bon courage

  15. I'm so glad you found somewhere pretty to stay. sounds like fun!
    Victoria x

  16. Oh my goodness - you couldn't have ever doubted the beauty of your rose??? It is just lovely Monica - so lovely. And your words have inspired me as well - it is so easy to get caught up in what others want, or what they think you should be doing... wise, wise words.


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