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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cottages, Birds, Garden Scenes...

I'm pleased to introduce you my newest work I told you about a few posts ago!
Starting a new life in England made me bloom... I was born anew after so many years, and of course, when I allowed myself to go out of my home more, I found lots of new inspiration along the way.

I believe these watercolors are quintessentially English... I have had them in my heart and mind for so many years, without being able to put them on paper. Now I am so, SO happy while creating and painting them, and I hope you'll like them too! 
They are inspired by the English country life that I'm living now...

I am offering them in my Etsy shop as prints (as long as I am allowed to by my licensing deals, so in the future may happen that they won't be anymore available. My apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause but I cannot do otherwise), should you fancy to have a look.

What's new about these prints is that they are available in two formats- with a nice white border that works as matting, and without border, for you to add a bigger matte and frame and create a statement piece.
It's lovely also to mix and match formats and in my opinion different frames and group some on a wall, to create a casual look that goes so well with my style of painting.

Posies of flowers can be mixed and matched with cottage and garden scenes... I kept the colors purposely matching in this batch so it's easier to mix, and the result is sure to please.

Here you can be more conscious of the size comparing it with a pencil.
First print with border, second without border. You can add a matte or not, in any case the format of these prints allows easy framing.

Each one will come signed in original by me on the front...

A few examples of framed prints... just to get the idea.

All available now in my Etsy shop. From my heart and soul, painted with love and passion in the Cotswolds (mostly in the garden during this gorgeous, sunny, English summer :))!

Thanks for looking!
Monica x


  1. They are beautiful, Monica. Straight from your heart, inspired by the English countryside.

  2. i had the pleasure of visiting England last fall. it was just lovely. i can only imagine how much moreso it is during the summer months. your absolutely beautiful watercolors give me a glimpse of just how much beauty there is there. sigh...

  3. Monica..they are beautiful..The boots are just so special:) Well they all are~
    But the polka dots:)♥

  4. Do I like them?? I LOOOOVE them!! Wow, so beautiful... Hugs, Wendy

  5. Hi Sweetie!
    Oh my...such loveliness! Each one is simply enchanting, and I can't pick a favorite! I am off to your shop to peek around!

    Big Hugs,

  6. Something tells me you are an English rose at heart because it shows so much in your latest work! Just beautiful!

  7. beautiful Monica, you are very talented and the reds are lovely! Heather x

  8. Wow nyyydelige bilder. :))
    God sommer til deg.
    Klem Mette.

  9. Oh my goodness--this latest work you have done is so gorgeous! Love the cottage looks--the red ones are awesome but the blue one would really look nice in my house. I want to get one sometime. I hope you do more of these--I bet they will sell well!

  10. Beautiful little works of art! I am going over to your etsy to take a look. You are very talented.
    Peace and Blessings,

  11. So charming and lovely, Monica.

  12. So beautiful Monica, its wonderful to see the happiness and inspiration from your english countryside life :)

  13. They're beautiful. I love the Tea and Sugar pots as well as the polka dotted boots. Lucky you to be living there and to have such amazing talent!


  14. You did a very good work Monica. I love those red roses.Beautiful !
    Which red paint do you use ? i always find that red color is the most difficult color do deal with in watercolors. I used many brands and shades and very few responded to my expectations.
    I think nowadays watercolors paints are not as good as they were in the past, I speak of 20 years ago ! manufacturing methods have changed, I have often seen and this is the same with the watercolor paper. Well, this is just my opinion.

    Have a nice weekend and keep painting



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