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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happiness is...

... when the current landlady gives you permission to pick her own flowers whenever you want, and your new, artist neighbor and friend gives you her whole sewing basket while you had asked just for a couple of buttons to use as props!

Now guess what happened?
I stopped styling what I was up to, and photographed her basket instead! :)

I totally love it, and it makes me want to create an unusual sewing basket as hers...

... filled with the most common thread spools (lots of vintage ones!) and buttons, but also beads, real stones, vintage buckets, pearls and seaglass...

Oh, she also borrowed me her basket of scraps to use as props as well (I was drooling at all of the vintage and antique beauty in there! But I tried to contain myself! LOL)...

My heart was singing... can you tell by these shots?

I totally lost the sense of time and space. This is what usually happens when I work. I am totally absorbed, and don't even notice what's going on around me. My friend was taking pictures of me, and I even didn't realize!

What truly matters is the creative energy flowing... and after that, I am completely exhausted, and need to rest for a while.

And I have a new fur friend, too! She's my artist friend's kitty, I always found her in front of my door (if not inside my cottage, exploring!:)). I miss her now that I am in a different, more of a village location. And I miss the wood, the pheasant, the fox, the squirrels. But will go and say hello soon.

Hope your weekend is sunny and beautiful!
Monica x


  1. Lovely shots..and 2 new great friends to boot!

  2. Hermosa la cesta y es cierto cuando apelamos a la creatividad todo fluye y nos da felicidad.
    Un abrazo grande y feliz fin de semana!.

  3. Such loveliness, Monica! And what a blessing from sweet people!!
    Hope your day is wonderful!

  4. A summer explosion of friendly creativity !
    Have a wonderful Sunday, Monica

  5. I absolutely love looking at your photos and reading your blog!

  6. It is so lovely to hear you making friends. I am now back from the uk and missing it. I did some watercolor painting also kept company by the neighbours cat! Must visit the Cotswolds soon! Still enjoying your IG photos, Catherine xx

  7. A beautiful post! There's nothing like sewing baskets and button boxes to make my heart sing. The flowers you added are such a lovely color that speaks "summertime".

    Thank you for the wonderful eye candy to delight my heart this fine morning!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  8. I love how you photographed your happiness.

    I love when I start something and it goes totally another way.

    I love when people post beautiful things on their blogs and inspire me.

  9. Beautiful work, Monica. I can't help but believe that the sewing basket and beautiful remnants were meant to be a part of your art. So pretty.


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