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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

From Kim and me... ❤

You know I've had a bit of a sad moment looking for this picture through my archive, because I've seen so many shots of my Kim, and you know I have become very emotional, so much that I'm having troubles typing this.
Looks like yesterday that I was cuddling a small pup in my arms, the first I had ever had, and I was not sure what I had to do to be a good Mom to her, and in the blink of an eye I was outside the crematory, in a surreal, snow-covered landscape and a Christmas tree all blinking with tiny white lights, with a heavy heart and my mind filled with so many mixed thoughts... yet she was there with me and inspiring me, even in that very moment. She gave me inspiration, and lots of ideas and energy( I just had to take a piece of paper out of my bag, a grocery bill actually, and jot them down) so that I could have tangible proof, in a time of great pain when doubt was trying to arise, that life and love and friendship are eternal. And that she was there with me, even if my 5 senses could not perceive her. She reminded me I always have the 6th. Thank you, my baby.

And while looking through my archive, and seeing all of those photographs, I could still remember all of the moments I have spent with her taking them. I was completely present and living in the moment, and I put all of myself in what I was doing. Hence, I truly captured energy in my photographs- mine, Kim's and that around us, and that's why I can still perceive the warmth of the sun while I was taking this particular photo, I can remember that moment so vividly, I remember the lights, the part of our old garden we were in, the exact movements I made to bring the white bench there in the middle of the lawn, that it was a sunday, which hour of the day it was. I will tell you more about this subject in a future post, maybe you never thought of that before.

As for now, I will leave you with my sweet Americana Kim, and wish you Happy Fourth!
Have fun, be safe my friends across the pond!
Monica x


  1. sweet post Monica, Heather x

  2. sweet Kim ♥
    I feel & understand every emotion you have mentioned xo

  3. Beautiful photo and post dear friend. Miss Kim will always be with you. How wonderful to know she inspires your creative spirit every day.

    Happy 4th of July!

  4. A gorgeous photo..Today on FB my daughetr has her son's phtos everywere as he is 4 today..
    You remind me with Kim..of my daughters w/ their children..
    Pure love..

  5. Beautiful picture. Beautiful words. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful photo and lovin' the red white and blue!!

  7. Owww sweet Kim we miss her both darling......love and blessings.....and warm hugs from me...x !

  8. Such touching memories and inspiration, Monica. Today is emotion filled for me, too.

  9. Thank you for taking the time to sort through your photos to find this lovely one! Kim is gorgeous. I am happy to find your blog today - the Fourth of July. Though American, my family is currently on "holiday" in British Columbia Canada. No fireworks today. However, we did have a few some days ago as all of Canada celebrated.
    So....here's to freedom and independence to be creative women.
    Your "new" friend, across the pond and through poppy meadow.

  10. Oh dear Monica, Kims picture remains on my inspiration board to this day. You know how much I loved her and still do. For never having met her or touched her, she touched my heart the first time I saw a picture of her. She was and is a special dog. Thanks for showing this today. Having such a close call with my Teddy two weeks ago lets me know how precious life is. Take care.Love Sharon

  11. Thank you Monica for sharing your dear thoughts and pictures. I am very new to your blog, You have captured my heart, wonderful words to read and reread. Thank you.

  12. Sooooooooo sorry sweetie! I remember the pain when it was still fresh. I still think of sweet Reba/missing her so much. Elle is sweet but, she's not Reba. She has filled the void plus some for hubby but, Reba was my girl & I still miss her so. Weren't we lucky to have had our girls though. They filled our hearts & still do today. HUGS!

  13. What a beautiful picture Monica, and what a wonderful post... The beauty of memory and love is that which allows us to "remember" in a way that goes beyond remembering - I have that feeling with my little cat as well.
    Kim will be with you wherever you go, whenever you want her, always.


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