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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Inspiration for You.

Sharing some of my old posts, for you to discover them if you're new to my blog, or to enjoy again for my long- time followers and friends!

I will do this regularly now, many interesting posts seem to "disappear" in the archives, and several of you haven't even had the opportunity to see them!

My Vintage Portable Inspiration Station
The vintage blue train case I use to carry my journals and paper projects.

Food for Thought
The power of a quote...

Tidying Up and Organizing
My pastels and crayons.

Inspiration behind a Photograph
The bike of my Nonno and childhood memories inspired me an entire photo shoot.

Creative Christmas: Glittery Yarn Ornaments
Just in time for Christmas in July.

My Book of Grace
One of my favorite creations ever.

My very First Quilt!
Step- by- step tutorial on how to make a simple quilt (for beginners).

Inside my Handmade Organizer
I turned a simple ring binder into a fabulous organizer.

A Note to the Universe
My old garden in Italy... from a bare land to garden.

Do What is Calling you
A meaningful gift with an inspiring message.

My last Craft Article
Turn discarded CD covers into eco- chic photo frames.

On my Worktable
The simple pleasure of having fresh flowers where you work.
Monica x


  1. I love this collage you put together, what a great idea, I really like the zinnias and your boxes of artist tools. :)

  2. Gold inspirations for me and ... a gold medal for you,Monica!

    A big hug

  3. I don't have time right now to read through each post, but what a great idea for those of us who are new to your blog.

    Thank you!

  4. Hermoso collage,me encanta, lleno de inspiraciones!!
    Un abrazo grande.

  5. Finally I found your blog and your shop as well! Suche beatiful pictures and fantastic works....so happy to meet you! Filomena ( on instagram as well)


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