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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Precious Gift of Connection.

I have been thinking (or should I say, "feeling") alot about connections, lately.

And after I received in my inbox yet another poignant email by a complete stranger, filled with such grace and beauty, I thought I'd jot down some ideas here on my online journal for you too to consider.

It's not rare that I receive an email/ letter from a person I don't know, from all around the world, telling me they saw my work, discovered my blog and read my posts or found one of my articles in a magazine (or in recent times, my Art Saves story on Crescendoh), and "something deep within them stirred and moved them to write" me.
And they share with me emotions, very personal struggles and details of their lives, pain and fears, and the deepest wishes in their hearts. They always, always, give me chills.

And it's because through my will of putting the true me out there, I have established connections.

It's so funny to type this here now, because I've always thought, as a strong introvert, that I had no real friends in this life, apart from my beloved pencils, brushes, paints, books, flowers, trees and all natural elements-  and everything that kept me company since my childhood.
Now at 40, I see everything in a completely different manner- quite the opposite of what I used to think before, actually. I now believe I have friends scattered around the planet, and that the right people will always come to me, and I will never, ever, be alone.
Here in England,  I have already made lovely friends, I have found incredibly friendly and caring people who help me in my everyday challenges, and I know that everywhere I may go in the whole world, I will have these beautiful hearts coming to me, ready to share their love with me.

I have never ever realized which impact one can have on others by sharing little bits and pieces of her heart, until some years ago, when I embarked on this blog adeventure.
Connecting with other souls at a deep spiritual level, is like building bridges across the oceans (and surprisingly, even between your house walls). It happens because, if you're willing and open to share your true you, to share beauty (also of your own perfect imperfection and the imperfection of this life), love and truth, you become an instrument of healing and inspiration and acceptance for others too. It truly opens doors, builds bridges.

And these beautiful hearts I call kindred spirits, I call friends, know me better than those I have established just physical connections with- whether they are school friends, family members or relatives. It's so true that they know me much, much more and deeper. They not only know my taste, but they even know my heart, what makes me smile big or jump for joy, what moves me to tears. They are sure to pick the "just perfect" gift for me always, or write me the just perfect sentence I need in a certain moment. It's not common at all in a "just physical" connection. I have had proof of that on a daily basis.

When someone wants to connect with you spiritually (I'm not speaking of only going window shopping or having luch with someone, here), it is such a precious gift. They reach out for you, and reach you, sometimes with trembling legs because they fear to be hurt, fear to be left with a broken heart.

It is so incredibly beautiful when someone in interested in you, takes the time to really read what you have written and ponder it, to understand at a deep level what you meant, really look at your work, explore your home virtually, noticing every detail, feel your own feelings- and is then moved to "connect" with you. It is so beautiful in this hectic, chaotic world when someone pauses to really see and listen to you!

You may have different lives, different duties, different jobs- even different languages and colors of your skin. But they stop. And reach out for you, even just to check your blog or your IG profile to see what you're up to, to show interest in you. What you do, what makes you happy, what  you fill in your days with... which your struggles and inner pain may be. How you do live and why. They are willing to share bits and pieces of their hearts and souls with you. They are willing to follow your life's journey... this is an incredible, tremendous gift, that should be honored and celebrated.
And most of all, cherished and given thanks for.

From my own experience, I cannot encourage you enough to open your heart and mind to connectedness. Give your time and undenied attention to others. Share what you have been given. Spread love and joy. It changes everything.
Monica x


  1. I absolutely agree with you about this web connected world..
    I ahve met some of the nicest people in my minds eye:)
    And you do build patient,caring,connections..
    A blessing!
    Have a great day Monica~

  2. This is a lovely post, Monica. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes it's hard to make oneself vulnerable to others, to open up one's heart. Those who do find richness.

  3. Thank you,Monica! for your sweet and deep words like a reassuring friendly lighthouse in the waves of the life.
    A big,big hug

  4. Monica, I hope you know I love you. You are a gift.

  5. Such BEAUTIFUL and TRUE words Monica, how you put all of this into words is so AMAZING.
    Hugs to you,

  6. Love you!! Wonderful post......think of you often!


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