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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tutorial: How to Arrange a simple Bouquet of fresh Flowers.

For some people, arranging a simple bouquet of flowers looks like an unachievable, complicated challenge. In my opinion, everyone could do that quickly and effortlessly just letting their creative juice flow. Unfortunately, many people are intimidated by the creative process, so we artists and creatives in this amazing online community, are here to help them let go the left side of their brain a wee bit and use their right emisphere more in their everyday life! ;)

Arranging flowers is one of the most beautiful, simple pleasures in this world! I DO strongly believe in the power of flowers and I always encourage people to surround themselves with them.

And in case you're wondering what's my opinion regarding the fact that flowers cost money, well I am not telling that you have to surround yourself with expensive bunches. The flowers you see below are all picked from the road verges, for example, or you can find affordable ones at local markets, supermarkets and of course, in the gardens! Plan ahead sowing and planting bulbs and perennials.
For most of my own life I've lived in a flat in a condo, and I had just a balcony! But I did have incredible, abundant arrangements of fresh flowers in my home, and everyone was always surprised about that. Love and passion can do miracles indeed! :)

Below, I'm going to show you all of the very simple steps on how you can arrange a handtied bouquet. My intention was to make a video,  but I have to ask for help for it, so I just took more traditional step- by- step photographs.

Tools and Materials:

You have to pick or buy at least a couple of varieties of flowers, and some herbs/foliage.
Then you'll need twine (any type, also the one you use in the kitchen does well) and a pair of scissors.

Here's what I found:

Aquilegia in three shades (black, violet and white), lilac, rosemary, Hydrangea quercifolia.

Step-by-step Instructions:

1. Differently from what you'd have to do to arrange flowers in a vase (I'll show you that too in a future post) start with a couple of stems of the most eyecatching flowers you have on hand. They will be the very centre of the bouquet in the end. Hold them in your hand.

Then, take another stem of a"secondary" flower, and put it on one side. From now on, you have to hold the stems firmly in your hand.

2. Take another secondary flower (better if the same type used in the previous step) and put in on the opposite side of the previous one. Then add a third one of the same variety, so you'll have three around the central flowers (here we have three white Hydrangeas around two black Aquilegia).

3. Now add a third variety on one side of the posy (here, white Aquilegia on the right side).

4. Now introduce a fourth variety, I used lilac.
You are adding flowers in a sort of a circular way around the central flowers you have begun with. All of that, always holding the stems firmly in your hand in the exact same position. No need at all to rotate the bouquet (or you'll make a mess!).

5. Add another secondary flower in a contrasting hue to the other side (I added white Aquilegia on the left side, by the lilacs).

6. Keep on adding, alternating herbs (rosemary in my bouquet) and flowers. Always add in circle.

7. If you have a long stem you want to add in the centre (longer ones should be in the centre ideally and shorter ones at the edges), insert it delicately and then you'll see the stem peeking through at the bottom.

8. When you're done, hold the bouquet firmly and see if you're happy with it, then take a length of twine (you may want to cut it from the spool before starting if it looks more comfortable for you to have it ready) and secure it at the base of the flowers.

9. Tie a knot.

10. Now with scissors, cut the stems diagonally to allow them to drink well :)
Remove any leaf that would make the water go rotten.

Put it in a vase of fresh water. I love to use any type of container and are partial to upcycled glass bottles, jars, tea/coffee tins, mugs and teapots. I go green as much as I can to preserve the Planet.

And finally, remember to share flowers with those you love and people around you! They have such an amazing, special, healing power! They convey Beauty, Comfort and Joy.
Monica x