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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why I love (and do) Instagram.

Because I'm a visual artist, and a visual person.

Because I use it as a Gratitude Journal. It makes me focus on my blessings.

Because it makes me notice Beauty and Grace in the everyday, and it encourages me to pause, and really see.

Because I use it to show  to my parents, who live far away, what I'm up to and how I live, and they feel I'm closer and their heart at peace.

Because I get to know my online friends better, just glancing at their gallery I can get to know them better. It makes me "get" people, and understand more about this world and where I can be of help.

Because there are so many loving souls out there and they share inspiration through the way they live.

Because I can share powerful ideas in a gentle way, and make people slow down, stop and think.

Because I use it as my daily diary.

Because I'm an introvert, and I don't find any use for my cell phone other than as a camera!! :)

Monica x


  1. If my cell phone wasn't an antique I bet I would like it too..:)love the effcts I have seen everywhere..so nice..and instant!

  2. Thanks your cell phone ,today I am glad about a Teddy Bear and a cake
    in the garden!
    Buona serata

  3. And, I am thankful for all ways you share your eye for beauty.

  4. I love it when you share your life Monica!!! It's a beautiful one for sure.
    hugs from here...


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