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Monday, July 29, 2013

Why we Should Always Elevate the Presentation of a Gift!

Because we don't want to live an ordinary life for sure! We want to make ordinary extraordinary, make each day count.
Because it's such a simple pleasure! Makes both you and the recipient feel so, so good! By wrapping nicely and creatively, you put love and care and your creative energy and good vibes into your gift. These can be felt with the heart.
Because if the people in your life don't matter about presentation (following a discussion on IG about this subject), it's our duty to teach them that it's not about materiality (the exteriority, the "look", the actual content of the box) but about the true essence of the gift (the reason why we are giving it to them).
Because the content of that package doesn't really matter, after all! (Because of the above point). It should be like saying that the most precious gift at Christmas is a sofa or a cell phone or a new camera gear or a bracelet etc. Are you sure THAT is what really matters?
Because taking the time to wrap nicely, doing it with calm, surely makes the world a better place instead of rushing and throwing the gift into the first gift bag you have on hand. Remember that what we make with love and totally being in the present moment, has a truly powerful energy that radiates into the world.
Because a gift is a way to communicate lots of things, in a non- verbal language. It is one of the "5 Love Languages".

Because your gift will be remembered (and the sentiments behind it) and just the idea that you took the time to elevate the presentation, will give lasting joy to the recipient.

And if you don't give gifts, 
you should!!
A bunch of wildflowers, herbs from your orchard, a jar of your delicious marmelade, a portion of your award-winning lasagna, handmade wreaths, seeds for our wildlife friends, flower seeds, cards, Marsiglia soap bars, a bunch of newly sharpened pencils. Give them to your loved ones, to your friends, to your neighbors, to that adorable shopkeeper that always welcomes you with a smile in her shop, to the elderly people you know! And always gift wrap them to perfection even if they are simple things. They don't cost a fortune and they can make a real difference in someone else's life.

Below you'll find a few ideas to wrap nicely and creatively. You could consider arranging a little wrapping station in your home, to have always on hand a nice array of materials when you have to wrap a gift. 
It may be in a secretaire, in a cupboard, in a box under the bed, in a vintage trunk or suitcase, in a wicker basket. Put in there scissors, glue, tags, a stapler, ready handmade flowers, bags and embellishments, twine and ribbons, scraps of fabric and lace (those little pieces you don't want to throw away!), newspapers, old book pages, wrapping paper and bags of your choice, and everything you may like- so they will be ready when you need them.

To make these flowers, follow my free tutorial here. Then wrap your gift in old book paper, tie with ribbons and scraps of lace, and top off with the flower.

I made a batch of these jute bags, to have them ready. In this case, I embellished it with one of my beach inspired clay tags (free tutorial here).

Same bag, different embellishment. Totally different look!

You can make these bags in minutes!

Handmade headbands and socks I made for two little girls. I then sewed a bag using kraft and clear paper, then closed with staples and handstamped. They don't require anything else because the gift inside is visible and already catches interest.

I wrapped my gifts in vintage pattern paper, as the recipient and my dear friend loves to sew, and wrapped everything again in a kitchen towel (same of the ones she has in her kitchen). Then tied in twine.

Handmade jam wrapped with a simple checkered fabric, is exquisite for the eyes and heart and treats the palate.
I usually put the adhesive tag with BB date on the lid, covered by the fabric or on the bottom of the jar.

A bunch of roses (or any flowers) bought at the supermarket can make a wonderful gift if wrapped creatively!
Just tie in twine, and then cover in scraps of lace, and secure with a vintage brooch.

Wildflowers wrapped in a vintage doily, and secured with ribbon.

Dried lavender presented over a bed of burlap and tied in raffia and a vintage buckle.
Monica x


  1. Your gift presentations are stunning, Monica! Anyone would be fortunate to receive a little something offered in such a manner.


  2. When we wrapp creatively, we play our heart tune for our friends.
    I'm always inspired by your very nice and gentle ideas , Thank you :)
    Have a nice week

  3. Monica, a piece of your heart is reflected in everything you do. Blessed is the giver of love.

  4. These are all beautiful ideas. I think it's wonderful that you take time and effort to do it and blog about it.
    I've read the tutorials and bookmarked them. I want to try the flowers as I may have the organza in the house.
    I've lots of seashells but I'll have to find the clay.

  5. I could not agree with you more, Monica!
    Great post and beautiful wrappings!


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